Some of you may be wondering why I haven’t written any blogs lately. I have been channeling my energy into a campaign of prolific writing to my elected officials. I feel compelled to continue a dialogue, at least with the folks who read the elected officials mail, sharing my concerns with the assault on forward progress attained in our country. I have shared my concerns with my elected officials on the topics of race relations, growth of hate groups and activities, healthcare, the budget, international relationships and climate. I have been very busy composing letters in response to the simplistic approach our leadership has been taking to very complex issues. Anyway, my point is that instead of writing blogs I have been writing letters, letters similar to the one below written to our Governor with copies to my State Senator and Representative.

I also have been hanging out with our grandchildren.  (Walter on his 2nd birthday.) So, now you know what I have been up to and what I expect I will be up to moving forward.

Dear Governor Scott,

It is time for Florida to join other states in support of the Paris Climate Accord. Florida needs to be vibrantly engaged in accomplishing the following objectives to reach a goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

  • Legislation must be passed to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in vehicles and from corporate pollution.
  • Polluters who do not comply with the new emission standards must be fined severely.
  • Offer incentives to energy companies working with renewable energy sources. We live in a state with an abundance of solar power, lots of wind power and is surrounded by hydro power. Our state could adopt a goal of using only renewable energy sources and have plenty of energy to sell to our neighboring states.
  • Require that all public transportation systems transition to renewable energy by the year 2020.
  • Offer incentives to home owners and corporations who install renewable energy sources on their properties.
  • Join with other states and countries as a statement of solidarity with the rest of the world striving to save the planet that gives us life.

Governor, we must act now before we find ourselves spending millions of dollars building dikes around our coastal cities due to the rising ocean levels.

You must break from The President on his decision to leave the ‘voluntary’ Paris Climate Accord and stand up for our planet.


Allen L. Heckman, MAJ, USAF, Ret