The other day My Jane and I were discussing our life together. We discovered two competing ideals associated with our journey. I see our present situation as one to enjoy. In other words, the pool is meant for fun. Living in Florida is meant to be filled with happy adventures. My Jane has a different perspective on this adventure. She sees the pool and patio as something to improve upon until it is the best it can be. Living in Florida, for her, means opportunities to ‘improve’ or ‘enhance’ our situation. The outcome of our discussion is we bought the tomato plants. The nursery people are coming to give us an estimate on new plantings.  The electrician has been scheduled to add some light fixtures. The plumber is next on the list of ‘to do’ items followed by the pool company to change our filter system.

Obviously, the two ideals do not always come together! Sometimes eating cake is messy.   Sometimes life isn’t easy. 


See you next time.