Our daughter and the grandchildren visited on Sunday. Eddie, our son-in-law stayed home with the flu. Joshua was just recovering from a bout of flu.  augustschool4 Lillian was not sick and to date she is still unaffected. feblillian  Walter arrived at our place with the flu. Once, while walking through the dinning room Walter spewed some flu onto the carpet. Soon after this episode My Jane noticed that Sarah was not doing too well and was suffering with chills. Sarah curled up on the sofa under some blankets while the rest of us ate some supper. It was apparent that Sarah was in no condition to drive back home so I drove Sarah and the grandchildren back to their house and My Jane followed in our car. We deposited the children and began the return trip to our house. We hadn’t been on the road fifteen minutes when Sarah sent us this text, “You can throw up food from 7 hours ago.” Great!

You need to know that I had my flu shot last fall as I do every fall, and I haven’t had the flu for as long as I can remember. Of course, I don’t remember as long as I used to but, I’m pretty certain I haven’t had the flu in this century.

Being confined in the car incubator with two active cases of the flu jansarahwalter  for fifty minutes was just too much for my shot to defend. I had my window down hoping to aid my battle against the flu but that was not enough either. Our family believes in sharing and our daughter and grandson continued the tradition.

Upon returning home My Jane and I got out the Lysol and cleaned the flat surfaces and toys to kill the flu. We washed all the linen and blankets hoping to ward off the inevitable. It didn’t work!

I woke up at 2:45 am feeling like a vise was pressing against my entire body. The trips to the bathroom began soon after where liquid was propelled from my aching body. I spent several hours tripping back and forth between the bed and the bathroom. I should have been wearing a fitbit! flu  I alternated between chills and a temperature as my body continued to fight the ‘flu bug party’ inside of me. I was grateful that the flu was not coming back up! I discovered how much more difficult it is to battle the flu at 68 years old then it was when I was 40 years old.

Twenty hours passed in this condition. Lay down in bed, try to get comfortable, sprint back to the bathroom, expel, wash hands, spray Lysol, lay down in bed, try to get comfortable, repeat. You get the picture. Finally, I began to feel like this condition might not last until I died. Today, I am weak and sore but feel like the worst is behind me.

While I was composing this blog My Jane shuffled into the bathroom and soon announced, “I have it!” Flu is the gift that keeps on giving.

See you next time.