On Tuesday we elected a President because we wanted a change. (I noted we didn’t change the Senators or Representatives, however. Just saying!)

Now, I am a strong proponent of change due to the fact that organisms and institutions that do not change die. I also believe that change must be a focused agent for something better.

Here is an example: There is a person sitting in a life raft in the middle of the ocean. electionraft  Obviously, the person in the life boat needs a change. A change for the better would be to make a sail out of a shirt and an oar so the wind might move the raft toward rescue. On the other hand jumping into the shark infested ocean to tread water would be a ridiculous (and disastrous) change.

On Tuesday our Nation made a ridiculous change by placing the most unqualified buffoon we could find in the Oval Office. I know we need a change but you don’t hire someone to ‘clean the swamp’ who has never seen a swamp. I know we need a change but you don’t hire someone to unite a diverse collection of leaders who has consistently insulated himself with like-minded people and disposed of those who think differently. The change we embraced on Tuesday is not a change focused on something better.

As much as I fear for our future I accept the fact that this is who we have put into the Oval Office. The folks who are protesting against him claiming he is not their President are confused. The Nation elected this man to be our President, therefore he is our President. Protesters, you waited too long to protest. Now is not the time to protest. Now is the time to make the best of a terrible situation. When you are sitting in a raft in the middle of the ocean it doesn’t do any good to hold up signs in protest. It is time to be productive in the terrible situation, start rowing, make a sail, be active in the political arena, stay in communication with your representatives, work to find a way to dry land.

Speak loudly against discrimination and bigotry. Rail intensely against movements to restrict the freedoms of any group in our Nation. Stand up for the freedoms of others to worship their own way. Defend the right of women to be treated as equals to men. Do not allow anyone to limit our freedom to speak our mind. Fight for the rights of immigrants to find their place in our culturally diverse landscape. Do all you can to prevent us from sliding back into a Nation defined by bigotry, racism, sexism and brutality. Help move the raft to solid land.

SAN DIEGO Ð San Diego area Sea Scouts climb into a life raft as part of a survival swim during Safety at Sea Day hosted by Coast Guard Sector San Diego, April 23, 2011.  The event included stations that taught firefighting, knot tying, plugging and patching and a survival swim. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Henry G. Dunphy.