If you are even a little bit like me you feel insanity creeping into your soul as we near election day next Tuesday. If you are even a little bit like me you are searching for some way to remain sane until the insanity is over. electioncuckoo Well, here are five tools I have discovered to help me stay sane until next Wednesday. (Please share your own tools with me!)

1. Take control! Do not press the ‘on’ button on your TV remote. electionremote Instead of watching TV read a book, make a quilt, carve a wooden duck, go to the dentist for a root canal.electiondentist

2. If you must turn on the TV find the ‘mute’ button and use it the instant political ads appear on the screen. We can’t learn anything from those advertisements anyway. While the ads are airing, whistle a happy tune or do jumping jacks or push-ups or run outside and yell at the top of your lungs. electionyelling  At least you will feel better.

3. Turn off your cell phone and computer. electionphone Disconnect from the whirlwind of forwarded messages related to the election. Most of those messages are without foundation anyway. Remember, anyone can write anything on the worldwide web.

4. If you must turn on your cell phone and computer, do not check the news apps for new stuff. Don’t engage in political discussion with your friends (This might make it possible to hang on to your friends electionfriends until after election day.) Try to play one of those mind numbing computer games continuously until midnight November 8. Or make up your own story, post it and see how many times it comes around again.

5. Finally, drag out those boxes of old photos electionphotos  you haven’t done anything with for eighty-five years. Put some music on and begin taking photos out of the box (no order is necessary, just take the photos as they come.) Write on the back of the photos who is on the front of the photos (if you know who is on the front) and put them in a photo album. Of course, you could simply make up names if you don’t know who is in the photos, that might be fun too. If you are even a little bit like me this task will keep you busy well past election day. At least you will be doing something productive until Wednesday.

May we all be sane next Wednesday morning.


See you next time.