We begin today’s thought with the words of my oldest grandson, septjoshtooth “Once ‘uponse’ a time” a Nation was faced with a difficult choice. For decades this Nation had been learning how to adjust to the new realities confronting its understandings of living in a rapidly changing environment. Sometimes the evolution went well and sometimes it didn’t go well – at all.

Many folks in this Nation were willing to adjust to the rapidly moving world around them and attempt to assimilate into the new world order.

Many folks in this Nation were unwilling to see the need to be any different from the way they had been in the past and resisted the new world order.

The Nation was in crisis as the two differing approaches clashed time after time over how the Nation should be governed within the new world order. The Nation reached a moment in time when the opposing views put forth two candidates for the office of President of the Nation. The direction the Nation would choose to travel into the future would be decided by an election. 

The two candidates for President where very different and very similar. Both candidates were millionaires. Both candidates were deeply flawed human beings unable to break free of their repetitive destructive (to themselves and to others) personalities. Yes, they were similar.

The differences, however, were apparent to those who honestly observed the two candidates. One candidate was a Bumbler. bulliesclouseu This candidate never seemed to understand the need to be more careful in making decisions about how to function day-to-day. This candidate repeatedly, made decision that would be easily attacked by opponents after the fact. This candidate was unable to avoid the appearance of having somehow, cheated.

The other candidate was a Bully. bullybully This candidate could not control the response to lash out at and destroy anyone who the candidate believed had, ‘done him wrong’. This candidate had zero boundaries either personal of otherwise. This candidate abused and assaulted anyone and everyone who disagreed or questioned or didn’t boldly support the candidate.

Yes, writers of tragedies bullytragedycould not have dreamed up a more chilling script. This Nation was in trouble.

To be continued…


What did the Nation choose?” you ask. Good question! As the Father of a non-white daughter junealligator (who hugs alligators) and the Grandfather of mixed race Grandchildren  octwitchoctwalter          I know who I believe the Nation must not choose. No way, no how! The Nation must not choose the candidate who preaches, isolation from the world, dislike for non-whites, non-Christians and foreigners. If the Nation chooses the Bully bullypotter  as it’s President how do we treat the grade school, middle school and high school bullies picking on my Grandchildren? bullybullies3 Will it now be okay to be a bully because the President models bully tactics at every turn? Will it be okay, again, in the Nation to ostracize and assault those we deem beneath us because that is what the President does every day? If the Nation elects the Bully does this mean strength is defined by who is best at bullying others into submission? Is that what will make America great again? I think not!

So, if the Nation does not choose the Bully the option the people are left with is the Bumbler. bulliesbean  Well, better a Bumbler working within the Nation’s system of checks and balances (the Nation has survived a few previous Bumblers bumblerhoover (Herbert Hoover bumblerfillmore Millard Fillmore and bumblerbuchanan James Buchanan to name a few) than a boundary-less Bully who tramples on them. Better a Bumbler who will not turn the World’s leaders against the Nation than a Bully who will turn the world into the Nation’s enemy. Better the Bumbler who will do much less harm than the Bully is capable of accomplishing repeatedly within our borders and around the world with ease.

Who does the Nation chose for its leader? I shudder as I wait for the answer.

See you next time.