The daily excursions to Philadelphia have come to an end allowing us an opportunity to reflect on the experience. What stands out most as I reflect back on the month of journeys may not surprise you even a little bit. Driving in the traffic on the Schuylkill is burned into my brain. phillytraffic There were seldom moments when we were traveling ‘free’. My Jane and I looked for several landmarks as we drove along to gauge our progress. We looked for the sign that told us how long we would be on the Schuylkill each morning. philly24 The ten minutes shown on this day was our best time ever. The first view of the city skyline usually appeared about 10:00 which meant we were on time.  philly26 Next came the Philadelphia Zoo balloon, phillyzoo followed by downtown philly25  and the ‘Rocky’ Museum.philly33  Our exit to 676 came just past the museum. We knew it was time to exit 676 when we saw Ben Franklin on the 17th Street bridge phillyben Finally, moving down 10th Street we passed under the Chinatown arch. phillychina

The parking is second on my list of outstanding memories. When we turned on to Locust Street off of 10th each morning My Jane and I went through a brief check-list to insure we didn’t cause a slow down at the parking garage as I dropped her off. The check-list went like this; “Sun glasses off!” “Check.” “Do you have your purse?” “Check.” “Do I have my ID Tag.” “Check.” “All systems go!” (We actually did this every day.) As we turned on to 9th Street parking2  My Jane unbuckled her seat belt as we turned into the parking garage parking3 and hoped we didn’t see the ‘bad news’ sign at the entrance. philly11  We were confronted with this alarming notice only once. I learned from the parking attended that the sign lies! “Temporarily Full” really means, “There is probably a space somewhere if you look hard enough and can fold in your side mirrors!” philly2  Just kidding. I always found a spot. parking Our car is the first one on the right. That day we were on the second level.  parking4 Here we are on the fifth level. philly10  Upon leaving the garage I followed the instructions and warned folks on the sidewalk to ‘Look out! Here we come.” (Yes, I actually did that every day.)

The first day of fall was memorable because the lobby was filled with a mob of young people (medical students, I think) educating us about falls. philly5philly4  My Jane and I both joined the fun and each won a heart healthy snack.

I don’t know how much the heart healthy snack did for us because our other eating experiences were not of the heart healthy kind. IKEA- meatballs and French Fries;phillyjane Terawaka Ramen- maybe sort of healthy;philly9 The hotdog stand out side of Jefferson-of course.philly31philly30

And on our last day, a beautiful fall day, Roadies at Penn’s Peak philly29

The best part of this experience is My Jane is healthy and should be free of her tumor. It doesn’t get any better than this.

See you next time.