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Our daily trips to Philadelphia continue to be adventurous. On Friday we finally, ventured north on 9th Street to Terawaka Ramen for lunch. philly9 The most intense part of the trip was the parking. We tried to enter a parking lot but the gate was up and a lost ticket cost $25. The machine would not spit out a ticket while the gate was up so, we waited for the gate to drop, without success. Eventually, we drove around the block to 10th Street and found and entrance to the same parking lot. The sign on the building beside the gate stated, “If this booth is unmanned pay at the red booth on 9th Street. At least we had our ticket!

Remember, Vittoria Woodill phillytori at Channel 13 CBS Television in Philadelphia recommended this restaurant to us. She was right!

Once a guest enters the restaurant they are greeted by a chorus of Japanese voices. The experience is much like you will have at Moe’s Southwest Grillphilly13 where the staff yells, “Welcome to Moe’s”. The difference is this greeting is in Japanese and they could be shouting “Go away, don’t eat here.” Just kidding!

I had the signature soup, Terawaka Ramen, philly6 and My Jane had a rice dish with chicken. Both meals were fabulous. My Jane does not ‘do’ oriental food much but she enjoyed her meal so much she even used chop sticks. philly8  She has come a long way from her Western Pennsylvania roots!

We shared with the staff that Tori Woodill had recommend the restaurant, which caused some excitement. philly7 My Jane and I join Tori in recommending Terawaka Ramen the next time you eat in Philly. The restaurant is not on the jammed 10th Street phillychina  so you have to look for it a bit. If you travel north on 9th it will be on your left in the block just before Vine Street. Happy Eating!

See you next time.