Our little cabin in the woods was supposed to be the last home My Jane and I shared in this lifetime. This home is the dream home we had hoped for when we were courting. octhouse  The Pocono Mountains, where our home is located, beautifully embraces us. We live surrounded by nature december2  a fabulous lake is at our disposal adventure3adventure4 and at night the sky dazzles us with stars. We are living our dream. Or are we?

Our third grandchild was born this summer adventure9adventure6 and the “Grandmother hormones” went wild adventureadventure2 in My Jane. During a visit to Florida in August (yes, the hottest month in Florida!) we began looking for a house to purchase. While the house hunting was going on My Jane convinced me we have one more big adventure left in us.

So, we put our dream cabin in the woods on the market and began serious house hunting in Orlando. Now, I am not complaining about living in Florida. During our military career I continually requested assignments with Palm Trees. After our first assignment in Southern California the closest we came to Palm Trees was a tour in Dover, Delaware. It is true that winters have become harder to appreciate as we have aged but I would be happy to vacation in Florida during January each year. Moving to Florida, however, was not on the radar!

And here is something to think about; I have been a Big Ten Football fan adventure14my entire life. I am going to be surrounded by the likes of Florida State adventure11  and The University of Florida adventure12and the Miami Hurricanes! adventure13  I have rooted against those teams since I can remember. What a revolting development this is!

But here we are at the beginning of a new big adventure. Our cabin is under contract. We called moving companies for estimates. Our realtor, Bruce, in Florida sends us tons of properties for sale. We began trying to sell stuff ; the snow blower was the first thing on the list, Yippee!adventure5


Now, I sit on the front porch adventure10and feel the sadness that comes with leaving something I love behind and contemplating the famous saying, “If you want God to laugh, make plans.” Much of the time we don’t have a great deal of control over the events that affect our lives. Sometimes we have some input that affects the path our journey traverses. One thing is for certain tomorrow, next week or a year ahead will be something other than we plan. Life is a living breathing adventure to be cherished with each new turn of events. Maybe this will be our last big adventure. Maybe there are other big adventures ahead of us. Who knows? We certainly do not!