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My Jane has a benign tumor growing on her optic nerve. The prognosis is good, if she completes 29 radiation treatments at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. philly3      

I am writing today while we rest from our first week of treatments.

The treatments take only about fifteen minutes. The journey to the hospital, according to Google Maps takes one hour and thirty minutes. Google Maps is apparently unaware of the fact that Route 76 into Philadelphia is The Schuylkill Expressway. (I use the term expressway loosely.) philly  The thirteen miles we are traveling on the Schuylkill or ‘Sure-kill’ as it is known in Southeastern PA, may take hours to traverse. Our longest trip this past week on the Schuylkill lasted 47 minutes. The delay on that trip was due to some bridge work causing the loss of one lane for about a quarter of a mile.

Unfortunately, coming to downtown Philly from the west requires traveling on The Schuylkill. The major topic of conversation in the Radiology waiting room focuses on the traffic issues The Schuylkill offers the travelers. All the folks coming from the west of Philadelphia have this unique experience in common so naturally the discussions about the drive in to the hospital are lively.

One couple comes in from Reading and My Jane and I have struck up a friendship of sorts with them. (I expect we will even learn their names next week!) We have discovered we also share an interest in baseball (specifically the Reading Fighting Phils) and railroads. I expect we will have more to say concerning this relationship as time goes by.

Jefferson Hospital is located between 9th and 11th streets between Chestnut and Locust Streets. Yes, the hospital is really downtown, only a few blocks away from Independence Hall. The trip to Jefferson navigates 10th Street from Broad Street which goes through the heart of Chinatown. phillychina  For those of you who know me well you can imagine what the drive through Chinatown does to my taste buds. Driving while remaining alert to jay-walkers, bike riders, cars pulling out of parking spaces and cars stopping for no apparent reason my brain is in a perpetual state of intense food awareness. “Oh, that looks like a great place to eat.” “Wow, looks like there must be good eating in that place.” My! That might be a great place to eat too much.” Well, this street a great place for a progressive meal.” It is like my brain is going, Wow! Wow! Wow!

We have a small dilemma concerning the restaurants in Chinatown. My Jane does not share my total joy of oriental cuisine. Being the patient soul she is My Jane suggested we contact Vittoria Woodill phillytori at Channel 3 CBS Television in Philadelphia for her favorite eatery in Chinatown. I am in love with Tori (don’t tell this to My Jane.) because she knows how to revel in food related endeavors. As part of the Channel 3 news team Tori travels around the viewing area in a segment entitled “Taste with Tori” phillytori2  sampling all sorts of food offerings and sharing her experience with the viewers. Her news segment is my favorite part of the evening news, of course! My Jane promised to accompany me to the restaurant Tory recommends.

So, I contacted Tori on Facebook and she wrote back stating there is great Ramen at Terakawa Ramen on 9th Street in Chinatown. The next project will be finding a parking space in Chinatown. Until then I guess my brain will have to settle for Wow! Wow! Wow!

See you next time.