In the mist of a dream (My dreams are always viewed through a filter that creates misty edges and slightly blurred views.) I was heading for my ‘office’. As so often happens in my dreams my destination is nearly inaccessible through narrow passage ways and difficult approaches. My ‘office’ was at the end of a ‘hall’ in a basement. Steam pipes and electrical lines traveled along the ceiling and walls leading to the ‘door’ to my office which looked like the end of a wooden crate. As is the custom in my dreams the door was only about three feet tall, so I squeezed through to my dimly lit office. I was struck first by a huge pile of ‘dirt’ (which I later decided was cat poop). The pile was six feet long and layered up onto the desk in the middle of the cement walled room. I shuffled through the pile before cats began to appear from various corners of the room. The cats were malnourished, dirty and diseased. The creatures eyed me from a safe distance dreams3 while I puzzled over the circumstances.

My sister, Linda, appeared from somewhere standing beside me mayjanebday explaining that she had put the cats in my office because she couldn’t care for them anymore. (My sister has never owned a cat.) I wondered why she didn’t take them to the humane society? Her reply was that the cats had been too healthy for the humane society to put down.

Knowing the cats were supposed to die (PETA folks, remember this was a dream!) I began trying to hit them with a piece of wood that acted like a section of rubber baseboard. I would swing at the cats but there was no force in my swing and the ‘wooden’ stick averted the target. This futile assault continued for some minutes until suddenly I was carrying a ball peen hammer. dream4 With this new tool I struck a cat and as the cat’s head caved in I realized the feline was a gay guy playing a piano. Looking around I noticed that all the cats were gay guys. I don’t know how I knew the cats were gay guys- It was a dream.

I woke up, thankfully, and began wondering what, if anything, the message of the dream might be.

The dream interrupted my sleep a week ago but remains as vivid today as it was that night. It might be important to tell you that I usually cannot remember my dreams twelve hours after I have them. This dream is different and nags at me. What am I supposed to learn from this misty sleep experience? If I were Daniel

Daniel in the Lion's Den Daniel 6:19-20

(of the Lion’s Den) or Joseph dream2 (owner of the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat) I would be able to interpret this dream. If the dream had been about seven fat cows and seven skinny cows I would know there was a famine coming our way. But, this is a dream about cats and gay guys.

I am not a dream interpreter but I did spend some time puzzling over this one. Here is the result of my puzzling. In my younger days I accepted the church’s teaching that homosexuality was a sin. In those days I had not grown spiritually enough to understand the core faith beliefs of compassion, grace, acceptance and love. I remember the day my heart grew (sort of like the Grinch’s heart) into one that was more compassionate and accepting. My Jane our teenage daughter and I dream6 were having a conversation. What I said is no longer in my memory. However, the words must have been concerning the sinful homosexuals because my daughter shocked my heart with her reply, “Dad, what would you do if I was gay?” That was a moment of epiphany which changed the way I look at the human condition in so many ways. In that instant, with my daughter being God’s messenger, I began a quest to be more compassionate, gracious, accepting and loving. In the dream the cat I hit with the ball peen hammer might represent those I injured with my judgmental legalistic religion. (Which might be represented by the pile of cat poop in the dream.) The cats transforming into gay guys may be opportunities I have had and will yet have, to show compassion and grace.

Is the intent of this dream to encourage me to live a more compassionate loving life? Maybe! I don’t know if that is the meaning of the dream. But, I do want to be more compassionate and loving.