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Considerable time has passed since I last sat at the computer to compose a blog. Part of the reason so much time has passed is the weather. The sun came out in between rain storms and the weeds grew. Our yard is dotted with a plethora of gardens which need tending when the weeds grow. So, I have cherished the sunshine and opportunity to dig in the dirt and assist the natural growth process. Our Iris gardens where beautiful this year and we enjoyed the short-lived life of the spring flower. garden4garden3garden2garden

The Mountain Laurel ringing our property are in full bloom as I write and the Marigolds (the ones the chipmunk hasn’t eaten) are beginning to grow and add color to the gardens. When I was younger I thought ‘old people’ who spent so much time with flower gardens needed something else to do. Now that I am an ‘older person’ I find the flower gardens to be most therapeutic and necessary to my daily pleasure. (I also, watch the birds which I thought, when I was younger, was really dumb!)

The second reason I haven’t written for a while is related to the first reason. The question, “What is this (life) all about?” has been a major topic of discussion. The secondary question then becomes, “Why am I writing a blog anyway?”

Well, I’m not going to bore you with all the discussions I have had with My Jane, Jeff and Chuck but the current answer to the question appears to be; because this is what I do. My life has been lived sharing thoughts (religious and philosophical). My profession called for me to share my understanding of the scriptures with those interested enough to listen. My life has been one of prophetic witness. I didn’t ask for this calling. I didn’t set out to be a prophet. I didn’t choose the ministry. The ‘calling’ to be a prophet comes from some place outside of who we are and that is simply the way it is.

So, without apology I will continue to be a prophetic voice in this little blog. In the quest for a quest it appears that I have discovered the reason for this blog. So, I will continue to share my life adventure with you as long as you continue to follow. Hopefully, there will be some nugget of in-sight that will give you an ‘ah ha’ moment on your journey.

My Jane and I have agreed that we will strive to dance through whatever comes in this life together, even if we can’t stand up. I like that plan. What is your plan for the rest of your journey? I’d enjoy hearing from you.

Before I close today I just want to share that I stand with the folks of Orlando garden6  as they try to live through the horrific shooting at “The Pulse”. The LGBT rainbow

A member of the LGBT community in Bengalaru holds a candle during a memorial service following a mass shooting at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, in India on June 14, 2016. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Abhishek N.Cinnappa *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-GUSHEE-OPED, originally transmitted on June 14, 2016.

reminds me of another rainbow story found in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim scriptures. The story of Noah tells of a prophet sent from God, Jehovah, Allah (all three the same deity) to show the people a better way. The people didn’t listen. Noah built a huge boat in time for a deluge to wipe out everyone not in the big boat. Once the water receded God made a promise to Noah that there would never be such destruction again. As a sign of that promise a rainbow was placed in the sky.

Tropical rainbow on the Big Island, Hawaii

The rainbow reminds us that we all belong to The Eternal Spirit. If we try to remove some part of humanity from the rainbow we are trying to remove some part of humanity from God. Who do you think is the one opposing God when we do that? Hate only destroys. Hate cannot bring us to a better life. Hate must be eliminated by love and the rainbow shows us the way. Together we become God’s dream for humanity. Together, we become a beautiful rainbow of love and compassion.

See you next time.