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On a background information questionnaire I filled out once during a play try-out I had some fun with a one word question: “Training?” My answer was simply, “Potty II”. While reading through the forms the director arrived at mine, laughed out loud and shared my response with the gathered assembly. restroom6  Theater folks really are fun.

Oh, if more of us could find the joy in simple things like using the restroom! Which brings me to my question, or questions? restrooms7  What is the reason we have become obsessed with toilet-ing lately?restroomRestroom2

Where where transgender folks going to the toilet in public places before bathroom laws were written? There were transgender folks around before the bathroom laws. I met some transgender folks back in the 70’s, so we have shared restrooms with transgender folks at least that long.

Do public restrooms have toilets surrounded by walls and doors for privacy?  Restroom4  Isn’t what goes on in restrooms accomplished inside those enclosures?

How often in a mall or sports event do you recognize someone as transgender? Restroom5restroom10

Is restroom use an issue in Europe? Why not? What can we learn from European restroom practices?

Has anyone thought this through before creating these bathroom laws? restroom8

How will these laws be enforced? Will a TSA agent be posted at every restroom door Restroom9         to check…what?… your birth certificate? restroom11  What sort of ‘pat down’ will be necessary to prove you are the gender stated on your certificate?

Will a law be created requiring everyone to carry their birth certificate with them at all times? Will the certificate have to be the original or may it be a copy? Will  a photo birth certificate be required to prove we are actually the person named on the certificate?

Why can’t we just keep it simple?restroom3

I recognize there are some issues related to gender in locker rooms which need to be worked through. But, lets not spend so much time and money on who is using which toilet.

Oh, here is an idea! We could go back to the way it once was when we all used the same toilet! restroom13


Potty II was more fun!