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Lehigh Gorge State Park was the site of my most recent adventure. On a gloriously beautiful day I decided to visit the park for a third time and trek up the Glen Onoko Falls Trail. From the trail head to the top of the falls is an 875 foot rise that requires some scrambling mixed with hiking. The park provides ample warnings of the dangers involved in this adventure.  Gleno16  (The last two sentence on the sign read: People have been seriously hurt or killed by not following these rules. – Yeah! Welcome!)  Gleno20  (Portions of the sign read: Hikers have been seriously injured and killed as a result of accidental falls from the trails and gorge overlook.) Gleno15Gleno19  (This sign reads: Caution dangerous trail.)  Gleno13Gleno6  (Danger-People have been seriously hurt or killed in this area, extreme caution should be observed at all times.) The signs have been posted for good reason. At least nine people have died since the trail has been open to visitors.

On my past visits to Glenn Onoko I assured My Jane that it isn’t as frightening as folks say. But, after she sees all the warning signs included in the blog she may not allow me to venture out again to this beautiful spot. I can see her now, the next time I want to visit Glen Onoko. gleno21

However, I believe the signage along this trail is similar to our life experience. We may choose to find a comfortable place to  avoid venturing out of our safe familiar surroundings. We might fight against any changes confronting us gleno23  or avoid any risky action with an unknown outcome. We could do that, but we would never experience the fantastic waterfalls life offers. Sure, life is filled with scary stuff. But, ‘because we never did it before’ is not a reason to avoid an opportunity to experience something wonderful. Life will bring you pain if you take some risks and if you stay inside your little comfortable world. Life is like that, you can’t avoid the negative stuff. We expect our lives to be a Disney Gleno22  or Hallmark movie where everything works out for good. That is simply an illusion. Life is not an easy journey but life is a fabulous adventure. So, take a risk, step out of your ordinary and enjoy something you might otherwise never experience.

If I had allowed the scary signs to stop me from climbing/scrambling up the mountain I would have missed these amazing waterfalls! I’m glad I took the risk.


There are some legends about an Indian princess named Onoko throwing herself off the falls over love. The legends vary considerably over the reason she jumped but they all agree that she jumped. Anyway, her ghost is supposed to show up on sunny mornings at 9:45 or 10:15 or maybe 11:33. So, this is me waiting for the princess to float by. She didn’t show!


Well! Living life is great! I’m glad I took the risk!