The question arose the other day, “What will the quest be this year?” That is a good question. The hot dog quest was a blast. By the way for those of you who don’t get out much, Burger King has added hot dogs to their menu. Of course, I had to try one. Quest dogs2Quest dogs

The religion of baseball quest brought back some great memories and hopefully opened a new understanding of the game for some. But, where do we go from here?

Ideas have been tossed around including, visiting wineries, college campuses, Penn State  local festivals and fairs, July24  tourist sites, Crayola 051  historic sites,norway12  professional baseball stadiums, breweries,boalsburg16  snack food plants, museums Dover16  and antique malls. I admit that I find something of interest in all of those possibilities. There in lies the ‘rub’. Each one has something to offer (sort of like each human being has something to offer) and I am having a tough time deciding which to pick and the effort makes my head hurt. early9            The indecision must be due to the stroke (my medical folks told me I always can blame the stoke for any difficulty).

After much thought, a couple of ‘beverages’ september 09 303  and a nap March5  I put my thinking cap on. norway14  Shazam! A thought struck me (only minor damage), why not make this year’s quest a search for a quest?  There you have it! My hope is that you’ll come along and give us some ideas along the way. I’m looking forward to the process. Hey, anything is better than watching the political ‘ridiculousness’ on the news networks!