I am using a new computer with different software this year. So far, I haven’t mastered the new software so I am posting our annual Christmas letter here.  If no one else sent you a Christmas card this year you may claim this one.

We hope 2015 has been good to all of you. For those of you who experienced moments of pain we send our comfort as you continue moving forward into the next year.

For Jane and Allen 2015 was all about ‘new’. A new grandson, Walter, arrived in July joining his big brother Joshua. Florida4  That’s Walter with “Gemma” and Florida32  Joshua is hanging out with his Mom, Dad and “Pa” at Tropicana Park, St. Petersburg, Florida. Here are a couple ‘extra’ photos of the grandsons; floridadec6floridadec9

Jane moved THE QUILTED CROW eight miles down the road to Palmerton, PA. Octobercrow4  Her email and

webpage are the same. qcrow@ptd.net And http://www.the-quiltedcrow.com

When she is not at the shop she has been spending time with her parents as they adjust to various health issues. She did enjoy sharing much of Allen’s quest to eat a hot dog in every county seat in the state. Indiana12  The time together on that journey has been very special for them both.

Jane and Allen continue to give thanks for our ‘cabin’ in the mountains and are finding more and more pleasure in being immersed in our gardens October  and the beauty of the nature around us. Does anyone know what flower the deer don’t think is salad?Augustdeer1

Winter was even sort of fun with a visit from Joshua and his family. (Allen doesn’t like winter too much! January visit5January visit2

The Hot Dog Quest took us to parts of Pennsylvania we had not experienced previously. We had lots of fun and met some great folks during this nine month adventure.Chambersburg11

Allen also continued his journey with brother-in-law Jeff visiting Major League baseball parks. They attended a game in Fenway Park SeptemberFenway6  and spent a day at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. SeptemberFenway2 

Jane and Allen Heckman

oheckman@ptd.net And jheckman1984@hotmail.com