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The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

In the past nine months My Jane and I have traveled around Pennsylvania in search of hot dogs. The adventure has exposed us to parts of the state we had not experienced before, allowed us to re-experience some precious memories, surprised us with new knowledge about places we had touched previously and introduced us to some fabulous people. This journey has provide some special together time for the two of us during my first year of retirement. We have enjoyed hearing from those of you who have followed the quest and thank you for tagging along.

There is one precious moment I want to share with you today. Deenee, a friend of ours commissioned My Jane to create a picture quilt for her granddaughter’s graduation gift. The granddaughter, Britani, has been a dancer from a very young age and the photos to be sewn into the quilt were mostly of her dancing. Purple is Britani favorite color so My Jane went about the task of designing and sewing the precious graduation gift from a Grandmother to a Granddaughter. (I believe Grandpa was somehow involved in this gift as well.)

The quilt was completed and Deenee came to pick it up at The Quilted Crow SeptemberCrow  along with a surprise for My Jane and me. Deenee had been following the hot dog quest and handed My Jane a bunch of hot dogs from Mallard’s (a local food store) deli, hot dog buns, cheese, onions, condiments and a jar of Tallarico’s “Coney Island Style” Chili Hot Dog Sauce. Deenee claims this is the best chili sauce ever. Deenee3

My Jane came home around nine o’clock that evening with the loot and naturally, we had to make a ‘midnight’ snack. Deenee2 Deenee just might be right about the Tallarico sauce. Deenee  Those were some of the best hot dogs we had on our quest and that evening is a precious memory made possible by a special friend.

From everything we heard Britani loves the quilt. Deenee4

See you next time.