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The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

After three hot dogs in three counties on the same day, along Route 6 My  Jane and I arrived at our last stop Warren in Warren County. We were a couple of tired travelers greeted by a very, very happy and noisy wedding reception at our hotel. warrengodfather  So many very, very happy and noisy people were celebrating everywhere. We even joined some of the wedding party in the lounge before we turned in for the night.  Warrenstarwars Fortunately our room was on the top floor far away from the very, very happy and noisy reception. (There really was a wedding reception going.)

Warren County was formally organized in 1819. The town of the same name (I don’t know if the chicken or the egg came first.) was named after Joseph Warren, a doctor, who was killed at Breeds Hill. warren-bunker-hill  Before his death, however, he had made a name for himself by sending Paul Revere and William Dawes to warn folks, especially John Hancock and Samuel Adams, that ‘The British are coming. The British are coming.’ And The British weren’t coming for tea!!

David Beaty discovered oil in Warren in 1875 while drilling for natural gas (to heat his house) in his wife’s flower garden . I hope his wife was given a new flower garden so she could have bouquets on the table at tea time!  Many of the town’s large Victorian homes were built with revenue generated by the local oil and timber industries before the economy began to go south in the ’40s’. The community is working hard to reverse the negative trend.

My Jane and I were very impressed at the beautifully maintained courthouse Warren6  and the Lady Liberty statue on top of the cupola.Warren7

The next morning we set out for Kinzua Dam, Warren9  built in 1960, over the intense objection of the Seneca Nation of New York. The Seneca Nation was just a ‘little peeved’ that one-third of its territory was about to be flooded by one of the largest dams in The United States. Warren  Big Bend visitors center is located at the dam six miles east of Warren. If you plan to make this trip don’t turn left on this road!! Warrendam  Unless, of course you have your water wings handy.

warren4  Perry’s Ice Cream is the perfect place to grab a hot dog on the way back from Kinzua Dam at the east end of Warren. I was fortunate to have Warren High School Senior, Cailyn, wait on me. Warren3         She was sort of shy and uncertain about my ‘Hotdog Quest’ story. But, she was safely on the other side of the window so she treated me gently (like some weird dude hanging out next to a dumpster). Oh, it wasn’t that bad and Cailyn was a good sport. The hot dog was great!

Traveling west again on Route 6 My Jane and I arrived in the village of Youngsville (the biggest little town on the map) and our car automatically turned into the parking lot of a DQ. Warren5 Our car always stops at a DQ! One small twist cone and an Extreme Chocolate Blizzard and we were on our way to the last stop on our Selfie Hotdog Quest, Erie in Erie County on the shores of Lake Erie. Yes, it is true, Erie is the sixty-seventh county we will visit on this tour of Pennsylvania. Now, that is totally eerie!

See you next time.