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The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

Potter County is adjacent to Tioga County as we continue our journey west on Route 6. coudersportpotterpa1895  This county was created in 1804 and later organized in 1836. It is named after James Potter, who was a General from The Pennsylvania National Guard in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. Down in Centre County, Potter’s Mills is also named for the General who never lived in Potter County.Coudersportpotter2  I’m just curious! Any of you see a family resemblance between these two? Coudersportharry  Naaah! 

Major Isaac Lyman (I couldn’t track down any photos of him), who probably served with General Potter did live in Potter County. Major Lyman is recognized as the founder of The County because he was paid ten dollars for each settler he convinced to move to Potter County. How’s that for a deal! He built his home in 1809 in nearby Lymansville, (I’m guessing he named it after himself.) now known as Ladonna (probably renamed after he died by some folks who didn’t like Lyman too much, like one of his wives). Major Lyman also built the first road to cross Potter County and Potter County’s first sawmill and gristmill. Ground grist was apparently a big favorite of all the locals in those days! They sprinkled it on their ice cream and mixed it with their tea and rolled it around in honey to make rum-less cookies! I’m just kidding!

Speaking of wives, Lyman had a few. After the death in childbirth of his first wife, Sally Edgecombe, he remarried; later he left his second wife and started a third family in Potter County. The second Mrs. Lyman was determined not to suffer on her own. She sought out the Major, traveling from Bolton Landing, New York to Potter County with the help of their son, Burrell, who was 18 at the time. Major Lyman lived with these two families in Potter County. Historical accounts of the living situation vary. Some say that Lyman kept both wives under one roof. Others state that there were two log homes for the families on the same piece of property. He probably lived in one and the wives lived in the other!

Anyway, even with the ten-dollar bounty and two wives Major Lyman was unable to populate the county which is still the 5th least populated county in Pennsylvania. coudersportpotterThe County motto is: Untouched, unspoiled, untamed, God’s Country. The place is a beautiful natural area but it isn’t conducive to getting a connection for the GPS!

We stopped at a favorite shopping place near the county line so My Jane would not have to suffer withdrawal from shopping on our trip through the beautiful mountains of northern Pennsylvania.Coudersportmaybe  This trip. Rt6gaines  Three years ago. After shopping at Lydia’s we stopped at the next antique place because it is My Jane’s ‘heart’s desire’ to shop in every antique shop located in Pennsylvania.  Coudersport3

Eventually, we arrived in Coudersport, Coudersport  the county-seat on a Sunday so – you guessed it – default hot dog purchase! Coudersport2  And we were soon on our way pointed in the direction of California (the State) along scenic Route 6.

See you next time.