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The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

The final leg of our quest begins in familiar territory on Route 6. We begin with Tioga County which was created on March 26, 1804, from part of Lycoming County and later organized in 1812. It is named for the Tioga River located in the county. Wellsboro is the County Seat of this natural wonderland. Wellsboro20  In the early 20th century, Wellsboro was the shipping point and trade center for a large area. It had fruit evaporators, flour and woolen mills, a milk-condensing plant, marble works, saw mills, foundry and machine shops, and factories of cut glass, chemicals, rugs, bolts, cigars, carriages, and furniture.

Wellsboro was incorporated in 1830 and was named in honor of Mary Wells, Wellsboro10  wife of the original settler, Benjamin Wistar Morris. The statue of Mary is an artist’s rendition of her because no photos or artwork of her exist. I know this because Dave told me it is so. Wellsboro17  Dave was the night clerk at the Historic Penn-Wells Hotel and is a bit of a historian. I liked him right away when he answered My Jane’s question, “When was the hotel built?” with, “I opened the hotel in 1869!” My Jane and I had a great time listening to Dave’s stories about Wellsboro.

I took a photo of the lobby to show you how historic it is Wellsboro16  but I must have taken the shot after we stopped in the lounge. I can’t explain the blurriness of the photo for any other reason!

Wellsboro15  The photo of the glass ball American Flag turned out good (I took this photo the next morning). This flag was presented to the Penn-Wells by Corning when the glass company had a plant in town. The day clerk, Wellsboro14  Tom was as helpful as Dave the night before especially with directions to Pine Creek Gorge. Wellsboro19  Our stay at the Penn-Wells was a pleasant trip back in time.

Wellsboro18  Next door to the Penn-Wells is the historic Arcadia theater which continues to show movies and sell popcorn and candy.

Of course a visit to Wellsboro would be incomplete without stops at antique places and a quilt shop.

Wellsboro7Wellsboro6Wellsboro5  Most of these places are familiar to us as we have traveled Route 6 several times in our lives together. Rt6Welsboro1  Jane three years ago.

Wellsboro3  The Jumbo Hot Dog was accompanied by Beer battered Fries in the very busy Wellsboro Dinner. Wellsboro9                                           Wellsboro4 This visit.Rt6Wellsboro2 Three years ago! Ah, what a great meal to devour before heading west, young man – and woman!

We arrived at Pine Creek Gorge, Wellsborogc3Wellsborogc2  more commonly known as The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon noting the changes since we had been here in 1984 (Restrooms, a video display and a gift shop). Wellsboro Check out those socks from 1984. The view was still fantastic. WellsborogcWellsboro2 Who is that cutie from 1984?    

We had been to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon in 2012 but had explored only the west side of the gorge so we hadn’t seen the changes on the east side until this trip. The 12,163-acre natural wonder is protected by the state of Pennsylvania as the Pine Creek Gorge Natural Area, which is the second largest State Natural Area in Pennsylvania. Pine Creek cuts a 47-mile gorge through the mountains. Pymatuning State Park is the largest state park located over in Crawford County (Sorry we didn’t visit Pymatuning on this trip. I do remember visiting here as a young child being amazed at how many fish were in the water.)

Maybe we were in an antique shop or a ‘dustables’ place when I saw a quote that explains my philosophy of life most of the time. “I smile because I don’t know what the heck is going on!” That about sums up what goes on with me most days!

See you next time.