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Fayette County was established September 26, 1783 and named after the Marquis de Lafayette (maybe there wasn’t enough space on the application form for Lafayette’s full name?). The county is the site of Fallingwater, one of Pennsylvania’s most visited sites. Uniontown12  This ‘weekend’ home of the Pittsburgh Kaufman family was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. He designed the home to blend in to the mountain and creek surrounding the house. Maybe the most unusual design aspect is how Bear Run flows through the living room. Uniontown15 Uniontown14           I could live in the guest house located a story or two above the main house (the highest roof you see in the second photo. This is a beautiful spot and a must see for anyone touring Pennsylvania.Uniontown16Uniontown

Uniontown13  Of course my Jane spent some time ‘over looking’ the merchandise at the gift shop! Falling Water is located just off “The National Road”. The construction of this highway was authorized on March 29, 1806 by Thomas Jefferson, the third US President. Uniontown5  The name of the road at the time was “The Cumberland Road” and connected The Potomac and Ohio Rivers. The National Road pretty much followed the “Braddock Road” built by the British General on his way to defeat in a disastrous attempt to attack Fort Duquesne, later Fort Pitt (modern-day Pittsburgh Pirates’ home town). Braddock’s army built the road at a pace of two miles a day which might explain why the French knew he was coming. The National Road today is pretty much Route 40 or alternate Route 40.

The Braddock expedition, also called Braddock’s campaign or, more commonly, Braddock’s Defeat, took place in the summer of 1755 during the French and Indian War. His army was defeated at the Battle of the Monongahela on July 9 when the French and Indians who had been traveling south to ambush Braddock’s forces bumped in to the British advance party unexpectedly on a narrow cart trail. The battle began with the French and Indians hiding in the trees picking off the British who remained in their formation on the narrow road. Braddock was mortally wounded and is buried at Fort Necessity down the road from Fallingwater. Uniontowngrave  Here is a Jeopardy question for you: What is the name of a young Colonial Army officer, later to become a President, who accompanied Braddock on this assault? The answer is: “Who is George Washington?”

After the defeat at the Monongahela, Washington (the soldier) decided to strengthen the defenses of Fort Necessity where he was commander. Uniontown3  Here is a Jeopardy question for you: What was the only battle in his military career ending in surrender by George Washington? The answer is: “What is the battle of Fort Necessity?”

We continued along the National Road to the county seat, Uniontown to find a hot dog at Hot Diggity Dogs. Uniontown7  We arrived in town about fifteen minutes too late because the shop was locked up tight. As My Jane and I stood at the door we heard a gal call from down the block, “They close at three.” Bummer!

Uniontown is the birth place of General George C. Marshall. Uniontown-George-C-Marshall Well he wasn’t born General George C. Marshall but after he grew up he became the General most famous for The Marshall Plan following World War II.

We began to look for the courthouse which is on a one-way street. It is impossible to drive by the court-house from where we were! After trying from three directions we sneaked up an alley to photograph the building. Uniontown8  While taking the photo I asked a passers-by where we might find a hot dog. He sent us to a place near by. My Jane and I walked in and couldn’t find anyone at work. We called-well, I called out for someone and My Jane told me to ‘shush’. We left that place and drove down the main street until we found an A&W/Long John Silver restaurant Uniontown11  which was open and was staffed by Dave. Uniontown9  I ordered a Coney Dog from Dave and enjoyed the treat in the car with My Jane who was eating something healthy. Go figure!Uniontown6

See you next time.