The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

After a pleasant nap the 17-year-old me wakes the 66-year-old me and heads back to the Class of 1967 picnic. Once there, Connie invites me for a hot dog when I come to Bedford again.

. reunion19   (Connie is in red beside JoAnn.)

Connie had a great singing voice and along with Nancy, and Gail from the picnic was in an ensemble composed of eight girls. Speaking of Connie, Whoosch! I find myself in 1964 in Mr. Gerber’s biology class. Connie is sitting in the back row diligently dissecting her pig learning about internal organs like all the other smart girls.  On the other hand, Stu and I are trying to cut the threads holding the pig intestines together so we can see how long they will be if we stretch them out straight. Yep! I was a real studious guy.

Thanks again to Shirley and Ed for inviting us to your place for a picnic. While I was in between not recognizing folks episodes  Whoosch! I slip into another class outing, a pool party at Ligonier Beach. Have I mentioned before, we didn’t have any unattractive girls in our class?

Larry and Gail were an item from before freshman year and still look as happy together as ever.

reunion4   Larry says he is like a chest of drawers. By that he means his chest has fallen into his drawers. Speaking of Gail, Whoosch! I am sitting with my family watching the Maple Queen contest, on television (in Black and White), and celebrating that ‘our’ Gail has been crowned Maple Queen 1967.

reunionmaple  (Gail’s official photo from the Maple Queen website.)  My Dad exclaims, “She’s perfect for this!” Larry stayed on his family farm and worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture until he retired. Speaking of Larry, Whoosch! I’m unloading a wagon full of hay bails on Larry’s Dad’s farm (sparkling of course, not sweating). I’m working during haying season in July along side Larry. My job is to move the bails from the wagon to a conveyor that is lifting the bails to the barn loft where Larry and his Dad are stacking the bails. The one thing I notice about every wagon load of hay is that the wagons somehow are longer once I start unloading them then they are before we load them with hay bails.


I am in ‘retired guy heaven’ in this photo. That’s Laura and Shirley with me. Thanks again Shirley for your fabulous hospitality. Laura lived down south for many years and has recently returned to Somerset County. Speaking of Laura, Whoosch! I’m walking the halls before school (we cruised in an oval up and down the hall in front of the office every morning before school started) the day the cheerleaders all come to school with short hair. Wow! Before that day, Laura, Mary and the other cheerleaders had Rapunzel like hair. Their hair was so long that a photo of them ironing their long locks was included in our junior year book. The buzz all up and down the hall this morning is about the new ‘do’s’ the girls are sporting.


Laura and George where an item all through junior high and Laura asked to have a photo of the two of them taken. I’m guessing Laura was doing some time traveling as well.

Laura was the instigator at the ‘noisy’ table (Mary, Linda, George, Greg, John) so naturally I joined them when Larry called the planning meeting for our 50th reunion to order.

We are going to have the fiftieth reunion in October at the country club and hire an oldies DJ for the music. Chalk and the Erasers might play up to three songs if they can stand up that long. (Larry, see I was listening.) 

reunion7  Cathy our class Salutatorian took the minutes (she was our senior class secretary too and is the one in the black and white print blouse).

She has been following this quest and I am so glad she is enjoying the adventure. Cathy is a full-time grandmother now that her career in banking has ended and loves every minute. Speaking of Cathy, Whoosch! We are sitting in the auditorium on those so uncomfortable wooden seats for the awards presentations. Cathy’s name is called for Class Salutatorian and she is so surprised and excited that she exclaims something unintelligible right out loud. (I probably didn’t understand what she exclaimed because it was something a smart person might say and I wasn’t one of those!) Sometime during that same assembly Stu says to me and I paraphrase (cause I don’t have the exact words), “We should have studied more. The smart kids are getting money. All we get are these letters and sweaters.”

reunion8   Janet, (you remember Alan on the other side of me,) who was Mama in the senior play “I Remember Mama” and I discovered that we have both adopted children from South Korea. Of course we had to show each other pictures of our children and grandchildren. Speaking of Janet and family stuff, Whoosch! I am standing in home-EC class. Yes, the first boys to take home-EC at Berlin Brothersvalley High School are, Ed, Stu, Len, Bill (a third Bill) and Me. The girls love it because whatever they cook I eat, and like it. And this was before Mikey became famous for ‘liking it’.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I would be blogging this adventure until some folks had already left the picnic. I’m sorry I missed snapping photos of you. Hanging out with my classmates made for a wonderful afternoon both as a 66-year-old and a 17-year-old. Unlike Peter Noone I didn’t feel trapped in the least. The experience of traveling backward and forward through time was great fun. I’m looking forward to the reunion and the good memories that will be relived with my classmates from the Class of 1967.

See you next time.