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The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

Did you know that July 23rd is National Hot Dog Day? National Hot Dog Day3  I didn’t either (I even blogged about the date once) until I called my good friend Sue on another subject, baseball (She is a rabid Braves fan and as you know I am a rabid Pirate fan). Anyway, she wished me Happy Hot Dog Day so I had to celebrate. National Hot Dog Day  I threw on my hot dog hat, grilled a Hebrew National and an Oscar Meyer, heated up some baked beans and opened a Yuengling. National Hot Dog Day2  Or as Peter Noone (Herman of Herman’s Hermits) would say ‘a You-ing-ling’. Hey, the grapes are healthy! So, hot dog and beer-Play ball!

I’m sorry if you missed the celebration. Many stores offer great deals on hot dogs on National Hot Dog Day. Also, check out a few of the Hot Dog Days events around the country. Not all the events happen on the 23rd of July, I think.

There is an annual Hot Dog Lunch in Washington D.C. Sponsored by the American Meat Institute (see, hot dogs are meat). Apparently more than 1,000 politicians, administration officials, journalists and lobbyists enjoy hot dogs served by hot dog companies from traditional hot dog carts. So, they do something productive on Capital Hill after all! National Hot Dog Day4

The Boston Hot Dog Safari is an annual charity benefit to find a cure for cystic fibrosis. It was founded by Boston sports radio host Eddie Andelman.

National Hot Dog Day6

Harmonica players will be interested in the West Virginia Hot Dog Festival in Huntington, West Virginia. Besides raising money for the children’s cancer unit at the Edwards’ Comprehensive Cancer Center there is a harmonica playing championship.

Speaking of cancer, the shirt I am wearing is in memory of two brothers who died. The oldest, Dylan, was afflicted with lymphoma and his brother Gavin was afflicted with leukemia. Dylan Krum died when he was 15 and Gavin at the age of 14. Dylan and Gavin’s Rainbow is now a charity in Lehighton, PA where the boys lived their short lives.

National Hot Dog Day10

Alfred Village (I think this is in New York) has a hot dog day organized by students from Alfred University and Alfred State College. The monies raised are given to local charities. The hot dog day was created because college students can afford a hot dog.

National Hot Dog Day7

Don’t feel sad if you missed National Hot Dog Day. As far as I am concerned, everyday can be a hot dog day!

See you next time.