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The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

Yesterday we arrived safely back to our cabin in the woods following a visit to Florida where our grandson, Joshua lives with his new brother, Walter.  Florida  We flew Allegiant non-stop both directions without experiencing any mechanical issues. Whew! So, today’s and the next blog will consist of shared stories not related to the selfie hotdog quest-sort of!

Well, we did what grandparents do when they visit their children, I suppose. We built a Minion (Kevin) at Build-a-Bear with Molly’s help. Florida8  Kevin ended up being a pirate.Florida19   My Jane held two-week old Walter.Florida64   Josh and I took a picture in front of NASCAR’s Number 18. Florida60  Did you know that Number 18 once was a Volkswagen Beetle? Go ahead, look it up!

Many families have traditions they try to keep as their children and grandchildren continue to grow. One of our family traditions, as you know from previous blogs, is eating Swedish Meatballs and Pomme Frites (French Fries) at IKEA. Florida29  This tradition began for our family while we lived in Norway. When IKEA began to infiltrate The United States we were able to continue this tradition without traveling across the Atlantic! While the women (and later Eddie) where shopping Joshua and I played. Florida50

This might be a good time to mention that Joshua and I are buddies. Joshua and I spent many hours in the hotel pool and roaming around malls together and just hanging out.                                                                                              

Florida2  Florida3

Florida62  My Jane spent time holding two-week old Walter. Florida28

We journeyed down to St. Petersburg, the home of the Tampa Bay Rays for a victory over the Boston Red Sox. Florida32  I am so confused about the naming of this Major League Baseball team. Why aren’t they the St. Petersburg Rays? Why are they now some kind of sun ray instead of a Stingray but there is still a tank full of Stingrays at Tropicana Field? I have lost sleep pondering these wonderment’s!

We had a blast at the game which included a triple and three home runs. Eddie, Joshua and I had hot dogs, of course. Florida41  Sarah, Eddie and Joshua also had ice cream cones. Florida40  Joshua really gets into his ice cream. We even got thrown out of section 317 by an usher after the game was over (continuing another tradition shared by brother-in-law, Jeff. You remember him from Lebanon and Berks County.)Florida43   I think we were thrown out because the usher saw through Sarah’s and my attempt to disguise our true allegiance to The Braves and The Pirates by wearing Rays’ headgear. After the game The Rays invite the fans to dance out of the park through left-center field.


Wow! How cool to be standing on the playing field of a major league park. This was an especially great experience because Brother-in-law Jeff and I nearly got thrown out of Busch Stadium in St. Louis for simply suggesting that we drive a golf cart onto that ball field! My Jane stayed at the hotel to baby sit two-week old Walter while the rest of us went to the game. Florida45

Of course we had hot dogs at least once at the kid’s house (three times actually).


Did I mention My Jane held three-week old Walter Florida57  and yes, I held him as well, Florida23  but Joshua didn’t like that too much.

See you next time.