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The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

The other night during a commercial break in the Pirates game my Father-in-Law, Gerry route 30 mp  (My Jane’s Dad) exclaimed, “You missed some important family history from Bedford.”

Oh, what was that?” I replied brilliantly.

Do you remember the Coffee Pot Restaurant in Bedford? He enquired.

I flipped through my memory banks a bit and mumbled, “I do remember the giant coffee pot along Route 30.”

Well, it turns out that My Jane’s Mom’s Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Pep (his first name was Neil) owned the landmark and a Greyhound bus repair shop in Bedford in the 30’s. route 30-6   Gerry thought Pep had a booming business repairing Greyhound buses after the Pennsylvania Turnpike was built. Pep would receive a call, hook a good bus to his tow truck, travel to the site of the broken bus, change buses and return to his garage to fix the broken vehicle and wait for the next call.

But, Lorraine is the central character in this story. route 30-4   Here is what was written about her in the Pittsburgh Press June 29, 1986. “The most colorful owner was a woman named Ma who had a bus mechanic for a husband and a monkey for a pet. Wilson Lashley, another owner, remembers Ma in her 80’s sitting up half the night over a gin and Squirt while her monkey climbed over everyone and everything at the bar.”

It wasn’t until we found the Press article while rummaging through old photo albums that Gerry shared an incident about the monkey biting Lorraine’s leg. He didn’t know what happened to the monkey after that! I don’t know if The Coffee Pot served hot dogs but the story is pretty neat!

The Coffee Pot is still sitting on Route 30 in Bedford. A historical preservation group moved it across the street to the fairgrounds and restored it.  route 30-7

Hot dog trivia alert!!

In 1962 Freddie Cannon fell in love at Palisades Park in New Jersey. route 30 palisades 2  Guess what he and the girl did before he gave the girl a hug in the Tunnel of Love? route 30 palisades  Freddie tells it this way, “We ate and ate at a hot dog stand.” They didn’t just eat at a hot dog stand. They ate and ate at a hot dog stand. My kind of teenagers.

One more plus!

On this quest we have explored Route 30 in the southern part of Pennsylvania and Interstate 80 in the northern part of Pennsylvania (not as northern as Route 6 which is still to come). There is one sign on Interstate 80 that gives me a chuckle every time I pass it (I’m easily entertained.) This sign will forever be part of the Selfie Hotdog Quest for me. At the risk of being smashed by a sixteen wheeler or some one driving 90 miles an hour I stopped on a recent trip west to snap this photo. 80-4  TeeHee.

See you next time.