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The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

I spent a lovely day back home in Adams County. This county is the site of two births of significance to My Jane and Me. I will share more about those births with you in Part II of Homeward Bound.

The day began with a family reunion in Gettysburg where I met with my Uncle Ed and Sister Linda. Gettysburg is special to My Jane and Me because we spent many wonderful weekends hanging out in this historic little town. Ed enjoys living in Gettysburg except for the battery of Jubal Early’s cannon which point directly toward his house.Gettysburg18  Ed has some sleep issues which probably have something to do with those cannon!

Of course Gettysburg is known for the Civil War battle which occurred July 1-3 1863 and resulted in 51,000 of us becoming casualties. We were in this conflict because President Lincoln desired to maintain the Union by not allowing states to secede. Not until we had been engaged in this horrific conflict for three years between fathers, sons and brothers did the Emancipation of the slaves become part of our history (January 1, 1863). The Emancipation Proclamation is one of our Nations most outstanding pieces of work,. This document opened the way for us to promote equality for all Americans (we haven’t attained that goal yet but I keep believing that one day we will be truly equal in each others eyes).

Back to keeping the Union together. I believe the better option would have been to allow the formation of another country or two instead of trying to keep such diverse political units together. We might be getting along better with each other as allied neighbors then we do as members of the same country. Case in point: Congress! Maybe if we were two or three separate countries we might get along together as well as the United States and Canada get along! I know I’m a deviant. (Deviant is defined as; departing from usual or accepted standards).

This isn’t the first time I have been a deviant, but that is or those are topics for a completely other blog! Oh, there is a sign somewhere in town mentioning Gettysburg as the place we met the enemy. Maybe that sign needs to read something more like; This is the place where fathers, sons and brothers fought against each other on these bloody fields. I know I’m a deviant.

Here is a Memorial Day thought for you: I often wander through the Gettysburg battlefield and experience the spirits of those who died that July in 1863. In those moments of communion I renew my belief that one day we will learn to stop going to war.

Ed and I visited the spot near where President Lincoln gave his address in Gettysburg Gettysburg13  and pondered the cemetery. Gettysburg12  We also wondered what Abe was being portrayed as doing with this statue in front of the library Gettysburg11  across the street from the courthouse. Anyone have a guess?

Ed and I caught up to Linda and assaulted the Gettysburg Family Restaurant. Liana the hostess assured us they had a chili dog on the menu and we were fortunate to have Vicki serve us. Gettysburg10  She has ten years experience at Gettysburg Family Restaurant and didn’t threaten to have us thrown out of the place even one time. Gettysburg7  When I invited Ed to join me for a hot dog on this trip his reply was something like, “Isn’t a hot dog a whole days worth of fat? To which I replied, “Don’t forget the French Fries.” Then I invited Linda to join us and she said, “Sure, I’ll bring my Tums!” Gettysburg4  There just aren’t too many families who contain relatives willing to make these kinds of sacrifices for each other.Gettysburg8

Cindy saw us taking a selfie outside the restaurant and tried to ‘photo bomb’ us but arrived too late. Gettysburg6 Well, we didn’t allow that to interfere with her fun so we invited the resident of Biglerville (home of the National Apple Museum seven miles north of Gettysburg) to brazenly ‘photo bomb’ our selfie. Gettysburg5

Our last stop in Gettysburg was dessert at Dairy Queen. Gettysburg (2)  Linda has been stopping at this oasis for many years (she keeps the exact number of years a guarded secret) on her travels through Adams County. Gettysburg3When we asked his name our server replied, “You may call me Joe (pause) or Joseph! Here is what I think is the story behind that answer. ‘Joe’ has been working at DQ for five summers while attending Lock Haven University in Clinton County. In five days ‘Joseph’ will begin his new career in the world of finance. He is in the midst of a transition from “Joe Student” to “Joseph Financier” and is just becoming aware of the transformation taking place. It works for me! Joe or Joseph has a bright future in front of him and we wished him success on his journey.

In Part II we will travel east on The Lincoln Highway, U.S. Route 30, for fifteen miles to a little village named East Berlin to share those two significant births I mentioned in the opening paragraph.

See you next time.