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The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town. Welcome new followers.

My friends Mel and Vince flew out to Meadville, Crawford County, last week (Vince is a pilot). While in town Mel saw an ad and sent a text with the photo included Meadvillead  to me. Good friends not only don’t mind your unusual behavior they might even support you in your uniqueness. I sent a text back stating that Meadville was my next blog and added this photo.Meadville14  She wanted to know if I was there right then. We might have had a party at Eddie’s Footlong Hot Dog Joint if I had been in town the same time Vince and Mel were hanging out. I have some really great friends (and I don’t mind their unusual behavior!!)

Crawford County was created in 1800 and named after William Crawford a soldier during the American Revolution who was burned at the stake by Native American’s in retaliation for the Gnadenhutten Massacre in Ohio. Okay, this is too gross! My Jane’s mother was a Crawford but it doesn’t appear there is any relation to William.

I cruised in to Meadville from Interstate Route 79 and found the courthouse Meadville7  on my way to Allegheny College. Meadville6 The college is the second oldest institution west of the Allegheny Mountains and the oldest with the same name from it’s inception. (Transylvania College became Kentucky University returned to being Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky. It is much too confusing! I stopped reading about it when I noticed the bats circling around our patio.) Meadville has a special place in the clothing business because the Talon Company was instrumental in the development of the zipper. Pretty exciting stuff, huh! Meadville is the oldest permanent settlement in Northwestern Pennsylvania being settled in 1788 by some folks led by David Mead.

So, I tooled on out to seasonal Eddie’s Footlong Hot Dogs. Meadville5  The seating is outside at picnic tables which, I believe, is why the place isn’t open in the winter.Meadville3  I joined a long line waiting for a dog and met Bill and Becki. Meadville13 They didn’t know each other but both worked for The State. Becki is retired (she looks way to young to be old enough to retire.) Bill shared some of his stories about riding his motorcycle around the country seeing the sights. He is much more adventurous then I am! You go Bill! I ate my Smith Hot Dog Meadville12  in the car because I didn’t dress warm enough to stay at a picnic table. Meadville4

Here is a neat idea for using up old road signs. Meadville15 These flower sculptures were outside the PennDot facility.

I had one more stop to make on this trip. My Jane and I both have some special memories of Conneaut Lake Park (established 1892) on the shore of Conneaut Lake. Meadville2 Our trips to the amusement park weren’t with each other because we didn’t know each other when we were younger. My Jane’s school made annual trips to Conneaut and I went with my Uncle who still hasn’t recovered from our ride on the ‘Wild Mouse.’ Meadville

I’m sorry I missed Mel and Vince but I enjoy the connection we have with Eddie’s Footlong Hot Dogs.

See you next time.