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The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

Continuing west we made a slight right hand turn on to Route 422 in the direction of Indiana, home of Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Indiana6 The county seat and the county are both named Indiana maybe because Indiana Jones was the favorite character of the early settlers. Or, the name was simply taken from the original name of the territory we are now traveling through which was Indiana. The folks in Indiana County are not called ‘Hoosiers’ if you were wondering. The county was created in 1803 out of parts of Westmoreland and Lycoming Counties. The town did make a statement against slavery in 1845 when a 12 year old escaped slave named Anthony Hollingsworth was rescued from bounty hunters by the folks of the town and Judge Thomas White.     IndianaIndiana7

Some people of note were born in Indiana with the most famous one being Jimmy Stewart. Every year the city has a Jimmy Stewart film festival in his honor. My Jane and I stopped at his museum. Indiana12Indiana3Indiana4 The cross walk in front of the museum doesn’t beep or chirp when the light changes. When the light changes Jimmy Stewart’s voice tells you what is going on. That is true! Walking around the museum area I started remembering some of my own theater experiences. The smell of grease paint never leaves your veins! Huh? I never made it as big as Jimmy Stewart but I did have a good time on stage. IndianaT5IndianaT3IndianaT1IndianaTIndianaT2IndianaN NAME DROPPING ALERT: That is Nancy Lenehan playing “Ondine” next to my hand in the last picture. Nancy didn’t make it as big as Jimmy Stewart either but she has a very long list of credits in movies and television. She was a fabulous actress (still is) and I enjoyed sharing the smell of grease paint with her.

Back to the present! My Jane and I found The Coney just down the street from the courthouse to partake of a hot dog. The place is all Ireland and a good time.  Indiana10Indiana9  We ordered Coneys at the suggestion of Melissa and were not disappointed. Melissa and Tiffany waited on us and did not share the secret of the chili receipt which is a guarded secret known only to the owners of The Coney.  Oh, the restaurant is also very environmentally conscious as attested to by this sign hanging on the wall.Indiana8

See you next time.