The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

Traveling west on Route 22 we quickly arrived at our next destination Holidaysburg Holidaysburg6  in Blair County created on February 26, 1846, from parts of Huntingdon and Bedford Counties. Blair County is home of ‘Horseshoe Curve’ the engineering feat devised to get the Pennsylvania Railroad over the Allegheney Ridge in the Allegheney Mountains. HolidaysburgH If you are riding a passenger train around the curve it is possible to see the locomotive and the last car at the same time. I know cause I rode the train back in the 90’s from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Cool stuff! Of course we rounded The Curve at night and I was sleeping. Even back then (in my younger days) sleep was my favorite activity. I was awake crossing the Mississippi though! HolidaysburgM  Of course if you are riding on a freight train, like in a boxcar, you might also see both ends of the train at the same time if the railroad police haven’t found you yet!

On this leg of our adventure we were all about hot dogs, however. We found the great hot dog experience at Inlows Holidaysburg4 just west of Holidaysburg. You have to have cash to eat here. Holidaysburg3  Inlows is all about hot dogs and a few other food items for those who are not hot dog purists. Holidaysburg11  Holidaysburg8 Taking the advise of the young ones eating at the counter (they left before I took this photo) we ordered the foot long pizza hot dogs. Holidaysburg10 Cheryl encouraged us to listen to the young ones because she serves lots of pizza hot dogs. Holidaysburg9Holidaysburg5 My Jane wimped out and I ate eighteen inches of pizza hot dog on the first stop of what turned out to be a three stop day. Hey, is this going to count as a triple (hot) dog dare, accepted? Three hot dog meals in one day should count for something!!

On another subject: my sister Randy found the photo of my Grandfather and Father I was telling you about when we were in Huntingdon (the last adventure.) HuntingdonR Yep, that is my Grandfather on the chair and my Dad on the floor. They look like Mutt and Jeff, don’t you think?

See you next time.