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 The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

The final county on our ‘Squeeze-In” one day quest was Snyder County. This county was settled in the 1740s by Pennsylvania Germans from Berks and Lancaster Counties, and became an independent political unit on March 2, 1855 when formed out of Union County. Snyder County took its name from Simon Snyder who was governor of Pennsylvania from 1808 to 1817. Snyder was the third governor of the state and during his tenure the state capital was moved from Lancaster to the more central location of Harrisburg.

Just outside of Middleburg we passed Shade Mountain Winery. The Winery was closed but My Jane and I enjoyed tasting Shade Mountain wines in the past. Middleburg10  We arrived in Middleburg which was laid out in 1800 and incorporated in 1864. Middleburg4  We stopped at a local bar looking for a hotdog. The bartender directed us to the Sunoco station a block away. Middleburg2  I began the process of creating my “Jumbo Cheeseburger Link” hotdog while Jane chatted with the gals behind the counter. Middleburg  My Jane had a regular dog. When the gals learned what we were up to they asked if we had been to – you guessed it – Sunbury’s “Squeeze-In”. Sunbury8 This hot dog joint is a must visit in Sunbury. You have an opportunity next month to join Chris for the 70th anniversary of “Squeeze-In” on Wednesday the 29th. Hey, there can’t be anything negative about half price hot dogs! Oh, the “Jumbo Cheesburger Link” at the Sunoco station was a pleasant surprise…                                    Middleburg6Middleburg5  but nothing close to “Squeeze-In” dogs!

See you next time.