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 The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

Leaving Mifflintown I continued north on 322 to my last stop of the day in Lewistown, Mifflin County. This was relatively easy to accomplish because the courthouse and Laskaris Restaurant where both on the square (which is a rectangle) in downtown Lewistown. Lewistown8  The square also boasts a central monument and a really cool mural of downtown buildings.

Lewistown12Lewistown  Our very good friends Bruce and Narda met me out side the restaurant.

Lewistown6 We have a long intertwined history together. Really! During our seminary days My Jane and Narda where in a church hand-bell choir that played a gig at Lancaster Seminary. After the concert My Jane and I invited the girls to our apartment for some dessert and several of the seminarians tagged along. Now you are beginning to get the picture! Well, two of the seminary students thought two of the bell players needed a date. That is how Bruce and Narda got together and continue to be our friendship until today. What about the other couple you ask? The other couple was my sister, Randy and Jeff who you will remember shared my quest to Lebanon and Reading County. Life is full of cherished surprises isn’t it? Lewistown5  It was so good to share some face time with Bruce and Narda again. My Jane was disappointed that she couldn’t share the reunion at Laskaris’s.

The restaurant is known for its Texas Hot Dogs and Rice pudding. Lewistown3 Lewistown2

So, I had both as well as a fantastic order of fries drowned in gravy served by Haylee. Lewistown4  I had to do two sets of aerobics the next day to combat the cholesterol explosion! But, I enjoyed every bite. While Bruce, Narda and I shared our meal I was reminded of how important it is to cherish our friendships.

Mifflin county was formed September 19, 1789 from parts of Cumberland and Northumberland Counties. The county was named after the first Governor of Pennsylvania, Thomas Mifflin. The Governor was born into a Quaker Family in 1744 but got kicked out of the Quakers when he became a Major General in General Washington’s Continental Army. Thomas could count among his cherished friends George Washington and Ben Franklin. His network of friends might explain why you can find the following in Pennsylvania: Mifflin County, Mifflintown, Mifflinburg and Mifflinville. There must have been lots of folks who thought Thomas Mifflin was pretty special.

See you next time.