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The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

My next stop on this cold day was Mifflintown in Juniata County just north of Perry County. Today’s adventure takes place along route 322 between Harrisburg and State College. Juniata County was formed on March 2, 1831 from portions of Mifflin County to the north. It was named for the river of the same name. ‘Juniata’ is a Seneca word that means either “people of the standing stone” or “blue waters”. I guess the first translators had missed that class in their language course. Hey, don’t look at me, my best grade in four semesters of Spanish was a ‘D-‘ (what can I say, it was in the 60’s).

I cruised in to Mifflintown and found the courthouse with no trouble at all. Mifflintown3  My plan was to visit a couple of the county’s eight historical sites. Fortunately there were two very helpful gals in the Assessors Office at the courthouse who gave me some very good directions to my objectives. They declined to be photographed. Their directions were much better than some of my GPS directions have been on other trips. The directions were necessary due to the lack of addresses for the historical sites.

My first stop was The Tuscarora Academy, school for girls. Mifflintown7 The story goes that a gardener killed a couple of the students at the school and you can hear the dead girls singing at certain times in and around the academy building today. No one was singing on this frigid afternoon, however.

The Academia/Pomeroy Covered Bridge built in 1902 is the longest covered bridge in Pennsylvania at 270 feet from end to end. Mifflintown5Mifflintown4

Between Mifflintown and the Tuscarora Academy is the town of Port Royal which is sort of famous for its dirt race track. Mifflintown  The track offers a full summer season of racing including sprints and late models. I didn’t meet her but the 2015 Ms. Port Royal Speedway is Kaitlyn Esh who I imagine you can meet while you are eating a hot dog at the races.MifflintownR

I should have asked the nice gals at the Assessor’s office where to find a hot dog. Tom’s was located near 322 so I found a hot dog there to complete my visit to Juniata County.  For those of you counting that is the twenty-ninth county seat we have visited on this quest to visit all sixty-seven county seats in Pennsylvania.


See you next time.