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The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

I set out for Lebanon (pronounced: Lep-nan) to meet up with Jeff my brother-in-law who has shared many adventures with me. We have almost been thrown out of several establishments and have sneaked in to at least one well known sports venue. But, those are stories for another time. As has been the case in all my trips in 2015 the temperature was in the teens a brisk cold wind was blowing and I was driving through snow squalls as I headed south on Interstate 81.

I arrived safely in Lebanon and Jeff and I headed for Annie’s Original Chili Dogs in downtown Lebanon. Jeff was born and raised in Lebanon so his task was to take me to the special sites in town. More on that in a minute. After a brief stop at the court house for a photo op Lebanon15  we headed on to downtown. Annie’s Original Chili Dogs is located in the year-round Lebanon Farmers Market building in the heart of the city. Lebanon9 The building is filled with food booths, smells that tingle our senses and delirious edible delights. Lebanon14 This must be what heaven is like!

We found Bob, Lebanon11  the owner and Dave doing hot dog shoppe things at Annie’s Original Chili Dogs. Bob, retired from the Navy, worked at another job until he hurt his back before buying this place three years ago. He named the shoppe after his wife Annie who appeared from somewhere in the Farmers Market while we were waiting for our meal.Lebanon4 Lebanon10  Bob and Annie are really nice people and Jeff and I enjoyed their company very much. It felt like we were hanging out with our own relatives at a family picnic. Lebanon3 My chili dog came with onions and mustard under the Kuntzler’s pork and beef hot dog and chili slathered all over the top. It was great!! Kuntzler’s has been making hot dogs in Lancaster County (next door to Lebanon County) since 1901. The fries were a perfect side and tasted fantastic down to the last one. You can’t beat great food and company for a good time.

We said good-by to Bob, Annie and Dave as Jeff led me to the highlights of Lebanon. As you can see food is central to all the highlights! Lebanon Bologna sold at meat markets is well known by most folks in Pennsylvania Lebanon  and Wertz Candies makes some fabulous caramel corn. Lebanon7 Wertz Candies also has the best looking parking meters in town.Lebanon5

Lebanon County was carved out of parts of Dauphin and Lancaster counties in1813. The county is home of Lebanon Valley College which is Jeff’s alma mater. My alma mater Yankton College in Yankton, South Dakota is a prison. I graduated before it became a prison (I heard you.)! Yankton College is one of several institutions that closed after I attend. Hmmm!Yankton4Yankton

After our brief tour of Lebanon Jeff and I set our sights on Reading (pronounced: Red-ing) in Berks County. So, far we haven’t almost been thrown out of any establishment on this two county quest.

See you next time.