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The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

The day was cold the snow was still piled along side of the roads but The Coney Island in Scranton was calling my name. So, off I went to Lackawanna County in search of an award winning hot dog. The Coney Island was included on a list of best hot dogs in The United States a couple of years ago. How could I not eat one of those award winning sandwiches.

There was a little difficulty finding a parking space in the snow packed streets of Scranton. I drove around the block a second time and pulled in to a newly vacated space across the street from the court house Scranton9  and a block away from The Coney Island. Once parked there was a little difficulty finding quarters for the marking meter which only took quarters. Each quarter bought twelve minutes. I had flashbacks to Montrose in Susquehanna County where a meter was worth twenty-four minutes per nickel! I usually have lots of quarters in the car but I only had two on this day. So, I walked as quickly as possible over an ice coated alley to The Coney Island. My time was limited so I only ordered a hot dog with everything on it. I believe the t-shirts the staff members wore were great.

Scranton4Scranton5 Sarah was a little uncertain about me, but she threw caution to the wind and allowed me to take a photo of the great t-shirt she was wearing. No losers, only wieners.” That’s simply a fabulous slogan!

Scranton3  My hot dog arrived-there is a very delicious hot dog under the mound of ‘everything’ -very soon after I ordered. The bun was great and the whole thing went down in a hurry.  I understand why this hot dog won an award. It was great. The Coney Island is a neighborhood eatery with first names flying around with ease.

Scranton 2 The sports memorabilia décor was also most pleasant. I wish I had thought of placing more quarters in the car before I left home. Oh well, on a warmer day I will make a second visit to The Coney Island. Due to my concern over the parking meter I forgot to take a photo outside so I am using a file photo. Coney Island

While I was searching the files I came across this other photo of a newspaper article. March2 Holly, Drew and I are on vacation in Kuwait in 2001. Naught! But, we did eat hot dogs while we hung out in the dessert.

Steamtown National Historical Site was a natural choice for a photo op. I have visited this special spot in the past and have watched it develop with each visit.


On August 13, 1878 Lackawanna County was created out of Luzerne County. Lackawana was the last county created in Pennsylvania. Scranton became sort of famous when electric lights were introduced at Dickson Locomotive Works in 1880. In 1886 the first successful, continuously operating electrified streetcars began operating in the city. All this electrification activity resulted in the city being named “The Electric City”. During the big anthracite coal mining years Scranton was also known as the coal mining capital of the world.


See you next time.