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The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town. Welcome to the new followers. I hope you enjoy this quest as much as we are enjoying sharing it.

Chambersburg12  We wiped the smiles on our face  and drove away from the birthplace of James Buchanan, our 15th President, in the direction of Carlisle the Cumberland County Seat. The county was carved out of Lancaster County on January 27, 1750. Shippensburg established around 1738, the home of Shippensburg University, is the oldest community in Cumberland County.

Due to My Jane’s dedicated over looking at the Fayetteville Antique Mall we arrived in Carlisle as the sun was reaching for the western horizon. Our concern that most establishments would be closed was confirmed as we drove into the drive way of the ‘closed’ Calico Corner Quilt Shop.Carlisle6     Oh well! We found the courthouse and the ‘closed’ restaurant where we had planned to eat hot dogs. Carlisle2   In our searching we drove through the campus of Dickinson College and Penn State Law School. Carlisle  A cousin of my Mother’s, Wilbur J. Gobrecht was head coach of the Red Devils football team in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. If he is my Mother’s cousin that makes him something like my second cousin twice removed and once reinstated. And some how Willie Nelson and Ray Stevens are involved so, “It sounds funny I know but it really is so, Oh I’m my own grandpaw.” Now, that’s just silly!

Also located in town is The Army War College at Carlisle Barracks.Carlisleb1  This Army Post has a long history beginning in 1756-57 during the Seven Years War. It may be a surprise for many today but after the Revolutionary War, Carlisle was the gateway to the west. This was the final stop before the settlers began the journey over the Allegheny Mountains. Carlisle Barracks played a part in The Whiskey Rebellion, was occupied by Confederate troops and bombarded during the Gettysburg campaign, was runner-up to West Point to be name the Army Academy and in 1951 became the Army War College.

The Carlisle Indian Industrial School was established in Carlisle by Richard Pratt in 1879. I mention this because one of my favorite athletes, Jim Thorpe,Carlislej  began his athletic career at the school. His coach at Carlisle was Pop Warner (no relation!).

We still needed a hot dog in Carlisle so we typed “Sheetz” into our GPS and soon I was enjoying a hot dog which I ordered on one of the computers. Carlisle5Carlisle3 Our task was complete so we headed for home where we kicked off our shoes and shared a glass of wine to cap off our very pleasant excursion down Interstate 81 with visits to the 23rd and 24th Pennsylvania County Seats on this quest. Only 43 more to visit:-)

See you next time.