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The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

My Jane and I were traveling to Harrisonburg, Virginia Saturday to hear Jinny Beyer speak at the Virginia Quilt Museum on another stormy weekend in Pennsylvania. We slipped and slid into Chambersburg and checked in to the Clarion Motel on Lincoln Way. Chambersburg is the only Northern town that was burned during the Civil War.

ChambersburgChambersburg4 As we settled in to our room we learned that the event in Virginia was postponed due to the same storm we were experiencing in Pennsylvania. Fortunately, the gals at the desk of the Clarion were most helpful and fun to be sharing a snow storm with.

Chambersburg2 We explained to Theresa and Christine that the hot dog place we were looking for when we arrived in town turned out to be an out of business Jiffy Lube. “Where might we find a hot dog place in town?” we inquired. Christine and Theresa began asking each other questions about hot dog places and decided that Bruster’s served Nathan’s hot dogs. They gave us directions which we stored away for the next day. We were not going to venture out in the storm any more on this day.

Sunday found us experiencing a sunny dry day with temperatures that eventually reached the 40’s in Franklin County. The county was named in honor of Benjamin Franklin when it was created September 9, 1784 (He was still living in 1784). What a total difference Sunday’s weather was from Saturday’s weather. Our first stop of the day was the Fayetteville Antique Mall.

Chambersburg11 As you can see My Jane and I are a match made in heaven. One difference about us is that I can shop in 30 seconds. My Jane cannot shop in less than three hours! I call her an ‘Over shopper’. What I mean by that is she can look over everything again and again. My Jane never over looks anything. Instead she looks things over and then looks them over another time. But, as I was waiting outside the antique mall soaking up the warm sun I reflected on her shopping process. I realized that she must have done the same thing when it came to picking her life mate. I began to feel very fortunate to have been the one My Jane looked over again and then another time! Like she does with her antiques she over looked my flaws and picked me. We really are a match made in heaven.

We bought a few items before heading for Bruster’s and Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs. Chambersburg7 We discovered this is also a match made in heaven. The only thing missing to complete the meal was a winery! Tyler shared with us that his family bought this franchise nine years ago and they have been going great ever since.Chambersburg15  I know why! They make their own fabulous ice cream, the lemonade tasted homemade, the chili dogs were great and the onion rings were super. My Jane said with her mouth full, “This is just the way I like chili.” Chambersburg13             I shared with Tyler that we had been on the way to Harrisonburg before we got snowed in. As it turns out he is a graduate of James Madison University in Harrisonburg. Life certainly is full of fun little connections! We had too much fun sharing time with Tyler. Chambersburg12  The napkin says it well! After My Jane and I ate our Chili Dogs and Batter Fried Onion Rings we ordered our ice cream. Paige was as fun to talk with as Tyler was. Chambersburg16 What a great place to hang out. My Jane had a Butter Pecan Waffle Cone and I had a Strawberry Milk Shake. I was still drinking my extra thick shake when we arrived in Carlisle, the county seat of Cumberland county. And that made for a great trip north on Interstate 81.

See you next time.