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The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

Lancaster County was fading in my rear view mirror as I continued my quest on this frigid day toward West Chester in Chester County. My destination was Roll Dogz at 348 W. Gay Street. Following the GPS through the narrow streets of West Chester was easy enough. The only problem was when I arrived at the addresses the spot was occupied by a Pizza Shop. Again, what I was looking for was not there. However, as you will learn in a minute this was a fortuitous happening.

Chester County is the wealthiest County in Pennsylvania and is one of the original three counties created by William Penn in 1682. The other two original counties are Philadelphia and Bucks. The county’s history wraps around the Revolutionary War. The battle of Brandywine took place within the county and Valley Forge is located in northeastern Chester County.

After not finding the hot dog place I tracked down the courthouse. This building is less than five years old and includes a parking garage across the street.


I asked passers-by for help in finding a hot dog in town. I was directed to a very large deli-like place half a block away. This place was fascinating but did not sell hot dogs. The man at the meat counter pointed me toward a little shop on the other side of the parking garage across the street from the courthouse. I walked past the garage and along ‘lawyers row’ (two or three townhouses occupied by lawyer’s offices) which connected to West Chester Hero.

West Chester5 I stuck my head in the door and asked, “Hot dogs?” I was too cold to create an entire sentence. Darryle replied, “Yes, I have hot dogs.” and I went in. The Hero is a deli and a perfect location across the street from the courthouse. I shared with Darryle (the owner) West Chester6 what I was doing and he replied that there usually is a guy selling hot dogs on the corner. I suppose the guy wasn’t out on this day because the condiments would have frozen in place.  I’m glad he wasn’t there. Darryle has owned The Hero for one year and offers a large selection of food items for consumption. We shared some joys and struggles of being a small business owner. (My Jane knows all about those joys and struggles of being in business owner.)

But lets talk about the food. Darryle told me that his hot dog specialty is The Italiano. I replied that I would take one of those. He asked if I wanted the small or large Italiano. Well, I wonder how many people the large sandwich will feed. As you can see in the photo the small was big. Our daughter thought it looked like the hot dog birthday cake. What do you think?

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Faithful followers believe me when I tell you that this was a marvelous meal. Darryle halved the Dietz and Watson hot dog then cut it into maybe three inch lengths. There might have been more than one dog in the sandwich as well. Along with the meat he added peppers and onions and some home fried potatoes. He sprinkled the meat and veggies with mustard and Ketchup. Everything was placed in a bakery style bun. I do not exaggerate when I tell you that I had loads of fun with this sandwich because it was all over my hands and portions kept falling off the bun. I had to use a fork to collect the remnants I couldn’t push back into the bun after finishing off the sandwich. This is a meal worth taking a trip to find. Now, I have had some great tasting hot dogs on this quest but I looked at Darryle and exclaimed, “I think I found a new favorite.” I’m very glad Roll Dogz wasn’t there and West Chester Hero was in town. I didn’t visit the cafeteria in the courthouse but my bet is that West Chester Hero is a way better place to eat.

I ended my adventure by driving through West Chester University. West Chester3  The wind and cold discouraged me from staying outside long enough to try for many photos before returning home and warmth.

See you next time.