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The adventure below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

I left Laporte, Sullivan County looking for route 6 east toward Tunkhannock. The towns name is derived from the Len’api term “Ptuk’hanna’unk” which means “Bend-in-river-place”. Route 6 is the northern, east-west route across Pennsylvania. A trip along route 6 will be necessary in our quest to visit all the Pennsylvania County seats because six more of them are along this road.

Driving toward Route 6 I discovered being in the Endless Mountains can mean the end to cell phone connectivity. I finally quit trying to use the phone until I turned on to Route 6.


Just west of Tunkhannock is the Apple Wagon Antique Mall. If my Jane was with me a stop here would be mandatory. So, of course, I stopped and perused the nineteen or so booths located in this well organized establishment. But, my goal was to find a hot dog so I was soon off to downtown Tunkhanock in Wyoming County. The county was carved out of Luzerne County in 1842. The lumber industry was very active in early years of the county history. Today the county has received an economic boost from Marcellus Shale drilling.


I landed at my second family owned eatery of the day- Downtown Deli.


In the photo that’s Mom in the kitchen and a daughter and daughter-in-law behind the counter. Son, Eric ducked out of the photo-op. However, I found a picture of him under glass at my table. Lots of old family photos are under glass at the tables in the deli helping to create a family atmosphere.


I was served a Thumanns Hot Dog with everything on it. Thumanns; The Deli Best Hot Dogs is a New Jersey company established in 1929. Their advertisement claims to have been making hot dogs with out MSGs and loads of salt since 1929. Cool! There was lots of ‘everything’ on my hot dog which made eating it a lot of fun to devour. One of my criteria for a good meal (hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches of any kind) is how messy the sandwich is. The messier the better. When I have juices running down my arm I know I am having a really fabulous eating experience. Or, if food items are falling off the sandwich as I bite into it on to and/or off of the plate that is also a grand experience. This hot dog was the later and I loved it!

See you next time.