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The article below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

My quest took me to the Endless Mountains region of Northeastern Pennsylvania yesterday with stops in Laporte, Sullivan County, Tunkhannock, Wyoming County and Montrose, Susquehanna County. Nature’s beauty abounds here even in the winter as you can see from this photo taken off old Route 220 south of Laporte at Wright’s View.


That is saying a lot for a guy who believes he should have been born near Palm Trees instead of Pine Trees!

The first stop of the day was in tiny Laporte, the smallest County Seat in Pennsylvania with a population hovering around 300 hardy folks. The town was named for John Laporte who was Surveyor General of Pennsylvania from 1845 to 1851. Sullivan the least densely populated county in the State is know for its outdoor recreation opportunities. The Court House just made some improvements including a heated side walk.


Griffin’s Grill was easy to find in the business district next to the General Store.


Zach and Jaime, the twenty something” (maybe “thirty something” just barely. I didn’t ask!) owners where seated on stools at the counter when I arrived. I placed my order and Jaime disappeared into the kitchen. Zach, who’s father owned the place first, shared information with me about how Laporte used to have two schools when the town was engaged in the lumber business. Now, he and Jaime travel to Williamsport (another old lumber town and the first county seat visited on this quest) to shop. I was taking pictures (but not of Zach) of the unique lamp on the counter so Zach did a little electrical work with the plug to light the lamp for a photo.


When my meal arrived I exclaimed, “That is a big hot dog!” Zach proudly stated, “We try to be the biggest.” You have to love a guy with an attitude like that!


A “thirty something” looking gal came in for a take-out order. Of course I began a conversation with her and she tried to pass herself off as “fifty something”. I exclaimed that I wanted to eat what she was eating (to stay as youthful) to which she replied, “Oh, your full of it!” I believe ‘it’ in this case means “pleasant and intelligent conversation”. 🙂 Anyway, I liked her immediately and as we shared (I think for most of her lunch break) it became apparent that we were kindred spirits. Like the measles it appears that many folks have been infected with “social media shyness” so I don’t have a photo of this kindred spirit.

no media

Returning to my hot dog and curly fries I noticed another gal had come into the restaurant by some other door. This new “twenty something” gal lived next door and worked with Zach and Jaime at Griffin’s Grill. I don’t want to say there wasn’t much going on in Laporte but, Alye saw me park and enter the restaurant. I guess that is why she came over. Thankfully Alye was not social media shy.


With all the pleasant conversation my stay in Laporte lasted much longer than I had planned as the time flew by. While I was trying to pay the bill Zach suggested I should have some dessert. Now, here is something really fabulous. Zach’s Mom bakes all the desserts for the grill. The desserts are so good some folks travel two hours to purchase a cake and return home. I really do not eat dessert much (I like desserts but I don’t eat them often in an effort to maintain my ‘girlish figure’.) so wasn’t interested in a sweet treat. Zach cut a sliver of cake for me to eat anyway. Well, I am here to tell you that the piece of cake I tasted was absolutely fantastic. I recommend the desserts to top your meal  when you are up in Sullivan County enjoying the natural wonders of the Endless Mountains or if you just want to take a two hour drive someday.

See you next time.