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The article below is the latest in a series sharing my quest to explore Pennsylvania by visiting each of the sixty-seven county seats and eating a hot dog while in town.

Leaving Wilkes-Barre I traveled to Lehighton where My Jane joined me for the second leg of the Double (Hot) Dog Dare II at The Quilted Crow. We drove down to Montgomery County and Norristown northwest of Philadelphia. Our target was Montgomery Lunch just a few blocks from the courthouse.


This Quest continues to provide surprises as we discover unique places of business. The Montgomery Lunch is definitely unique. The establishment is a hot dog shoppe/deli/convenience store.

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For the second time in one day our host did not want to appear on social media (I hope this is not a trend). He did encourage us to take a picture of his store and approved of the photo we took.


We shared a very pleasant conversation with our social media shy host while he prepared our dogs (Hebrew National)and cheese fries. He gave us some extra fries for our one shared order. The Texas Hot is the signature hot dog at Montgomery Lunch and it is good. I ate two of the dogs to complete my Double (Hot) Dog Dare II. The current owner has owned the store for three years but has continued the tradition of the Texas Hot sauce which he states “is famous around here”.

After dining in our car parked in the Dunkin Donut parking lot we headed over to the courthouse for a photo op. The courthouse is huge-big-humongous!


Norristown is a neighboring community to Conshohocken. This is important because Conshohocken is not only fun to pronounce, it is the home of an IKEA store.


Shopping at the Swedish store is the reason we were in search of Norristown (If there is shopping My Jane is ready.)

Our love affair with IKEA began when we lived in Norway back in the 90’s. One of our favorite family excursions was a short trip from Madla to Forus for a tour of the store and a meal of meatballs and pommes frites (French Fries in Norwegian) covered with gravy and a scoop of Lingonberries. In The States we walk around the store absorbing the pleasant chatter of many languages dancing around our ears as pleasant memories of our international travels are revived. My Jane also enjoys buying furniture at every opportunity in IKEA as well. Of course, I had to continue the eating tradition but since I had eaten twice already I ordered the Kid’s Meal Combo #2 instead of an entire meal. I guess you could say that was my desert.


Montgomery County was created September 10, 1784 out of Philadelphia County. Early records are unclear as to the origin of the county’s name. The county may have been named for Richard Montgomery, an American Revolutionary War General killed in the battle of Quebec City, or for the Welsh county of Montgomeryshire (Welsh Quakers settle this area), or Monty Python (I made the last one up!).

See you next time.

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