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Yesterday I ventured out to Stroudsburg, the County Seat for Monroe county, and met a most delightful business woman upon my arrival. Tina is owner of The Dog House on Main Street which has been open for five months. She was willing, after discovering that she just didn’t belong behind a desk, to reinvent herself and become an entrepreneur . You go girl!


The favorite hot dog at The Dog House is A Famous Nathans wrapped in bacon and smothered in Mac and Cheese. Talk about comfort food! I added an order of waffle fries slathered in cheese and chili (I could feel the cholesterol minions slamming through my arteries) to top of the comfort meal.


The rolls are fresh baked in town and Tina picks them up twice a week. The bun was a fabulous addition to the meal. The only problem I had was figuring out the best way to get the whole thing into my mouth to take a bite.- I won! I didn’t take advantage of the Gelato choices Tina also offers at The Dog House but they looked great as well.

I was in Stroudsburg on an errand for my Jane. She sells sewing machines at The Quilted Crow in Lehighton in partnership with Pocono Sew & Vac in Stroudsburg. Arriving at Pocono Sew & Vac with a machine in need of repair I saw The Dog House right next door. “How great is that?” he asks excitedly as he hurried from Pocono Sew & Vac to The Dog House. This quest just keeps becoming more and more “funner”. Our grandson might say, “This is big more fun!” I hope to visit Tina again when I am running errands for My Jane.Stroudsburg12Stroudsburg13

The county is named in honor of James Monroe (5th President of the United States) and borders New Jersey. The county is one of the fastest growing counties in Pennsylvania most likely due to its close proximity to New York City.

The county is also the heart of the Pocono Mountains and the many recreational opportunities this beautiful area offers including golfing, skiing, Nascar and resort experiences.

Stroudsburg8 Stroudsburg9Stroudsburg Behind me under a foot of snow and in the blowing snow is Pocono Speedway entrance gate.

East Stroudsburg University is located a short two miles from The Dog House. This county is a must visit on your tour of Pennsylvania regardless of the time of year.


Here is one more tidbit I found interesting. Waiting for the light to change on Main Street I saw a sign on the building across the way stating that Stroudsburg was the home of J.J. Newberry Department Stores.


It appears that Tina is continuing a tradition of folks in the area taking risks. John Josiah Newberry opened a store in 1911 that became a corporate giant which included 475 stores across the country when he died in 1954 (No pressure on you Tina.). Donald Hall who was poet laureate of the United States for one year wrote a poem Aug 30, 2009 about the closing of a Newberry’s in New Hampshire entitled “Beans and Franks”.  Obviously the poem in part must be included in this blog.

When Newberry’s closed

in Franklin, New Hampshire-homely lime front

on Main Street, among the closed

storefronts of this mill town depressed

since nineteen twenty-nine;

with its lunch counter for beans and franks

and coleslaw;”…

Look at all the things you can learn eating hot dogs!

See you next time.

Quilted Crow2

Located at 179 Interchange Road, Lehighton, PA

Selling fabric, notions, books and Janome Sewing Machines