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When we were together last I shared that My Jane and I were on a mission to meet our daughter, son-in-law and four year old grandson at the Pittsburgh Airport. We managed to collect our family and guide them into the frozen tundra that was the parking lot at the airport on January 22nd. Sarah, Eddie and Joshua nearly froze solid the instant we stepped out of the terminal. (They live in Florida.) But we got them packed into the vehicle and turned on the heater in time to thaw them out. With the Floridians snuggled into the vehicle we drove the half hour north on Interstate 376 to The Brighton Hot Dog Shop in Beaver the county seat of Beaver County. The county was created on March 12, 1800 from parts of Allegheny and Washington Counties located to the south. The western boundary of Beaver County is the State of Ohio. Beaver County has produced a number of Major League Baseball and National Football League players. To note a few: Terry Francona, Doc Medich and Pete Suder, Joe Namath (He and I were both born in Beaver Falls. I heard there is a movement in town to put up a sign one day stating “Home of Allen Heckman and Joe Namath”.), Mike Ditka, Tony Dorsett, Sean Gilbert, Ty Law, Babe Parilli, Paul Posluszny (One of my daughter’s favorites, I think because they attended Penn State at the same time and she passed him on the sidewalk on occasion.) and Mark Vlasic.


The Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe was easy to find and we were warmly greeted by the hostess Kristen who showed us to our table.


We had so much fun here. Everyone of the team members wanted to share information about the place with us. They all seemed to enjoy selling hot dogs. Our server Brittany (who wants to teach preschool one day) pointed out which of the stores were franchises.


This was all too confusing for me to keep straight and write accurately about! Kristen shared with us that the college students make the hot dog shoppe their first stop when they return home from college. Someone shared with us that they make their own hot dogs in their own commissary. The soups are also made in the commissary. Wow! What a concept!


The cashier, Nicole just wanted a picture with us:-) Can you blame her for wanting to be part of the party?

The original Hot Dog Shoppe was opened in New Brighton (hence the name) in 1959. The second shoppe opened in Beaver Falls in 1968. I may have eaten there but those years of my life are a bit foggy (It was the 60’s remember?).Today there are 9 company owned and three licensed locations (Brittany understands all of this business stuff.) serving quality food products. And judging from our experience the food is being served with a lively and helpful collection of team members. The coffee cups even seemed to be happy at the Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe.


We had a great time and all of us enjoyed our hot dogs and fries.


One final comment on the County’s name. The original residents of the area, The Delaware Indians, called a stream that flows through what is now the county Amockwi-sipu, or literally, “beaver stream.” They gave this name to the creek because it was a favorite home of the beaver. The French settlers translated the name into French when they arrived in the region and the English coming along later kept the name.

See you next time.