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We are embarking on the most unique adventure so far in our Selfie Quest for Hotdogs: A Tour of Pennsylvania County Seats. We left Honesdale and Wayne County heading for Milford in Pike County. The County was named for General Zebulon Pike (yes, the same guy who’s name is on that tall peak in Colorado) and was organized in March 26, 1814 out of Wayne County. Pike County is the fastest growing county in Pennsylvania. Milford is known today as the place where the kook who shot State Troopers and hide in the woods was arraigned.

We made our first stop in Milford at the Beary Patch Quilt Shop (of course:-)).MilfordMilford5

My Jane and Joyce, the owner, naturally struck up a conversation that eventually led to the reason for our visit to Milford. None of the folks in the shop had heard of the hot dog shop we were looking for. One of the gals even called her son who is an avid hot dog eater with no success. Well, this was a first for us and the uniqueness was beginning. Joyce gave us a “Guide to: Historic Milford, PA: Lodging, Quality Shopping, Art and Antiques, entertainment and Fine Dining. After some discussion we all thought maybe hot dogs would not be included in the Fine Dining portion of the brochure.

Leaving the friendly confines of Beary Patch we proceeded to follow the directions we had for the hot dog shop and became lost. We had to accept the fact that the shop we were looking for did not exist in Milford since the streets we were directed to didn’t exist! Yes, this was a unique adventure. 

We decided to drive through town on Route 6 and look for a place to eat a hot dog. At the opposite end of town from the quilt shop we found The Apple Valley Restaurant and Village (#2 on the list of Fine & Casual Dining in the “Guide to Historic Milford”). The restaurant anchored a collection of buildings that formed a village of unique shops next door. At the opposite end of the site sits a restored one room school house. We decided to check out the village and try the restaurant.


My Jane asked the hostess, Kim, if they sold hot dogs. Kim shared that the children’s menu had hot dogs on it. Jane proceeded to explain our Quest to which Kim exclaimed, “Is this for real?” We assured her it was and she showed us to our booth.Milford6

Patty introduced herself as our server and stated, “I understand you want hot dogs.” The word was getting around! The restaurant is a pleasant establishment focused on a family eating experience. The folks in the booth next to us were celebrating a birthday. We were eating at an off meal time so I could take a quick photo of one of the ‘rooms’ in the restaurant to pass on to you.


We ordered the Blooming Onion off the adult menu and hot dogs from the children’s menu (unique?). I added sauerkraut to mine and My Jane added cheese and onion brown mustard to hers (It turns out these were Kim’s favorite ingredients for the hot dogs). We had Mandarin Oranges as our sides.


Patty turned out to be camera shy but very pleasant and interested in our Quest. We had fun sharing our experience with her as we devoured the Blooming Onion. When we weren’t visiting with Patty we were “Completing the maze through Einsteins’ brain, doing the science themed Word Search and unscrambling the Word Scramble, on the childrens’ menu/place mat. I cheated on the Word Scramble!

We had a great time at the Apple Valley Restaurant! Thank you all for the unique adventure on our Quest. You were great.

We returned home on Route 209 to meander through the Delaware Water Gap which began to be formed 450 million years ago. This area of the country was first settled by the Lenni-Lenapes sometimes known as the Delaware Indians. This natural treasure straddles the Delaware River and includes portions of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


With its water falls, river and mountain scenery and recreation opportunities The Gap has become a favorite tourist attraction. There is still a working ferry at Dingman’s Ferry to assist your travels from New Jersey to Pennsylvania and vise-verse in the National Park. We were fortunate to have enough sun left to enjoy the pleasant drive on our way home. This was a great day.

See you next time