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The outside thermostat read “6” on Saturday morning when I woke up. Apparently we were in the midst of a heat wave because Friday morning the temperature was only “3”. This was a great day to go on a quest for hot dogs. My Jane and I bundled up and headed out to the two most northern and eastern Pennsylvania Counties to celebrate the warm weather. We headed north to Honesdale in Wayne County which was created on March 21, 1798 from part of Northampton County. The name comes from the Revolutionary War General Anthony Wayne. The highest point in the county is 2,659ft. Mt Ararat. (No one has found the remains of an Ark on the mountain yet!)

We set our sights on “Paulie’s Hot Dogs” for our first stop of the day.


We were not disappointed by our choice of hot dog places to visit. Both the shop and the owner, Paulie, are gems. The shop is in its tenth year of existence and won “Readers Choice Award, Best in Dining 2009 and 2010. This is the second location for Paulie’s and includes a video arcade. Deena shared with us that they sometimes dance and Paulie sings. The gravely voiced, energetic, smiling Paulie did not sing while we were eating so I have to take Deena’s word that he sounds like an angel.


Paulie opened the shop with a friend when he transitioned from being a ‘Carney’ to becoming a business man. His plan was to offer his favorite “Fair” food so no one had to wait for the Fair. He has succeed. Our dessert was an order of deep fried Oreo cookies. If that isn’t great Fair food I don’t know what is!

Deena, Jen and Paulie were busy putting together take-out orders and serving the eat in customers during our entire stay. Several families made use of the arcade while enjoying their food.

My Jane and I had the “All the Way” hot dog. This meal is a Hatfield Dog bathed in spicy brown mustard, finely chopped onion, thin slice of real American Cheese and one tablespoon of chili. We had delicious fries on the side. My Jane wants to go back!


Leaving Paulie’s with smiles on our faces and giggles in our hearts we drove a few blocks to “A Stitch-in-Time” quilt shop. My Jane was willing to make this road trip in frigid weather due to the opportunities to visit quilt shops.


While I wandered around the shop Jane and Jackie (the owner) talked business. Leaving “A Stitch-in-Time” we did a windshield tour of downtown Honesdale (grabbing a selfie in front of the court house) before heading southeast to our next destination in Pike County. This has been a great beginning to the road trip.

See you next time.