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I had a task assigned to me to pick up a U-haul trailer December 30th in Butler. I needed the trailer in Grove City but Butler was the closest U-Haul dealer with the trailer that fit my needs. When I learned where I was going for the trailer I said to My Jane, “That is a county seat!” My Jane replied, “Are you going to eat a hot dog?” Duh! Due to The Quilted Crow being open, My Jane would have to be working that day and not be able to accompany me. I miss her when we are not together and road trips are less entertaining without her. But, as my sister often says, “It is what it is.” Before the sun was up on the 30th I had the car headed west in the direction of Butler the County Seat of Butler County and the “Butler Hot Dog Shoppe”.

The Butler Hot Dog Shoppe has been at its present location for nine years. Before it was a hot dog ‘shoppe’ the building was a gas station. Driving in to the parking lot I knew this was going to be a special experience.


Inside the door I found Shanna and Amber on my right toiling away in the kitchen and Becky on my left waiting on a customer. Another customer was waiting for his order to be completed.

Drew, Andrew and Darren at “Daddy’s Main Street” in Clarion I have found your match. The “Butler Hot Dog Shoppe” is staffed by three effervescent gals who are as much fun as the three of you. I continue to be pleasantly surprised at how exciting this quest has become.

When it was my turn to order I moved to the cash register in front of Becky who was standing below a sign that read, “If we were what we eat, then I must be fast, cheap and easy.” Of course, that sign attracted my attention! More on that subject later. I shared with Becky that I was on a quest to eat a hot dog in every county seat in Pennsylvania and asked which hot dog was the most popular on their menu. She suggested that I try the chili dog with onions and pickle. I also ordered some onion rings and Becky convinced me I should order the large size.


Becky wondered where I had already eating hot dogs and I did my best to remember the six county seats My Jane and I had already visited. When it came time to take a selfie with the gals I ran in to an issue I haven’t had before. Becky and Shanna assured me without a doubt that they were not fast, cheap and easy. And they did not like to have their pictures taken. This was almost a dilemma until Amber exclaimed that she wanted her picture taken. She was hoping that she would be famous once she was included on my blog. Amber also dons a hot dog suit at times to advertise for the “Butler Hot Dog Shoppe.” Before we took the picture she advised me that she was not fast, cheap and easy either. She just wasn’t camera shy. So, friends please help make Amber famous by passing this blog along to your friends. (It won’t hurt my circulation either:-))


If you are ever in Butler and happen to see a hot dog walking around it just might be soon to become famous Amber.

Sitting in my car (“Butler Hot Dog Shoppe” is carry-out only) I opened the container of onion rings and gasped our loud, “They should name this ‘huge’ not large.” I never saw such a huge collection of fabulous onion rings. They were great eating! Of course I called my Jane who also is not fast, cheap and easy, while I was eating so we could share the moment by phone. The hot dog was a completely new experience. The slice of pickle was nestled into the bun along side of the chili soaked hot dog. Cool! It was fun eating.


Thank you, Becky, Shanna and Amber, for a great memory. Amber, I hope you get to be famous.

See you next time which will be next year! Happy New Year!

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