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Our quest for hotdogs took us east on Interstate 80 after departing “Daddy’s Main Street” to a second college town. Our plan was to eat at the “New Bloomsburg Diner” in the middle of town. We drove past the Bloomsburg Fair grounds directly in to downtown. We found the dinner at the five way intersection behind a little cabin-like building serving as Santa’s workshop. The sign on the pole in front of the restaurant read, “New Bloomsburg Diner, Family Cooking, open 24 hours.” We parked in the lot beside the diner and exited the car. Some friendly folks leaving the parking lot alerted us that the diner was closed. When they said “closed” I got the impression that they meant permanently closed: no, hot dogs here. “Where can we get a hot dog?” I asked. “May’s Family Drive-In out on route 11 has hot dogs.” the helpful folks replied. We shared “Merry Christmas” greetings (It was December 27th) as they drove away and we returned to the car and drove back through town to route 11. We passed the fairgrounds again and saw the sign for May’s about half a mile later.Bloomsburg10Bloomsburg1Clarion1Bloomsburg2Bloomsbur6

William and Sara May founded the Drive-In during 1956. It appeared to me that there had been maybe two additions to the original building which had a ceiling height just over six feet. The Drive-In appeared to be an ice cream place that expanded the menu after being established. This Drive-In is a family restaurant as seen by the portrait of William and Sara and the May’s family hanging on the dining room wall. My Jane noted that all the family units in the picture where wearing color coded shirts-except one guy. Maybe he didn’t like ice cream and hot dogs? (Just kidding!)

Well, My Jane and I had a wonderful time slipping back in time to the fifties. The May’s family has done a fabulous job of maintaining the feel of a time gone by.

bloomsburg5  Our server, Wyatt, was a pleasant patient and helpful young man. He added to the family feel of the place with his cheery demeanor. Wyatt, we’re glad we met you! How happy we were that the 24 hour “New Bloomsburg Diner” has closed. We cherished our stop at “May’s Family Drive-In” and would have been disappointed if this treat had never happened. Reflecting back on the day we realized we had a super time at both eateries on the trip. How great it is to eat in very different places and have fun at them both. This quest is becoming a real joy. I can’t wait for the next hot dog eating experience.

See you next time.