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Driving home after Christmas from My Jane’s parents in Western PA we made a stop in Clairon, PA for a hotdog. Clarion is not a large city and finding Main St was a simple task. Daddy’s Main Street was equally easy to find. We had no idea how much fun we were about to experience on the inside of Daddy’s place. Upon entering we were greeted pleasantly by voices coming from the kitchen area of the restaurant at the back of the space. Inside the front door we found ourselves standing in a small eat-in area with folks enjoying, Philly Cheese Steaks, burgers and hot dogs. There was a pleasant noisy hum that picked up decibels after we shared the story of our “Selfie Quest for Hotdogs”. Drew, Andrew and Darren, the crew in the kitchen, began firing a hundred questions at us about our quest and giving us ideas for other good hot dog shops to visit. Clarion4

These guys were a blast to hang with. Darren disappeared into the back and brought out “Daddy” (the owner) to meet us and shake hands. I didn’t think about taking his picture until too late when My Jane asked if I had done so. Oh well, I have 62 more stops to try getting this together.

My Jane and I both had The “Eddie’s” which included chili sauce, cheese & crushed nacho chips.

Jane didn’t even finish her first bite when she gave the sweet tasting sauce a thumbs up. “Eddie’s” was a fun dog to eat with the crushed nacho chips on top. Every person entering the shop received a pleasant greeting and most folks also where given a cheering ‘good-bye’. I felt like I was having lunch with my family. Clarion3Clarion

The pleasant conversation with Drew, Andrew and Darren continued until we finally returned to our car giggling about the great adventure. Clarion is a college town with a student population of about six thousand. If I was a college student at Clarion I would be making “Daddy’s Main Street” the hangout after the games. If you are not a hot dog fan the shop also serves fish, shrimp, chicken, award winning wings and strip style sandwiches. The half pound “Hand Patted’ Burgers include: Clarion Farms, Steel City, Ted Nugent, Memphis Blues, Whiskey River and Myron Cope. Specialty Sandwiches include Cheese steak, Godfather, Godmother, Reuben. For the more discriminating taste “Daddy’s” also offers Po Boys (Only at Daddy’s) which include Catfish, Shrimp, Oyster, Clam Buffalo Chicken and Ranch Chicken. The dogs include: Caroline, The Seinfeld, Dana’s Adam Sandler and Chicago. I leave the toppings to your imagination and encourage you to find “Daddy’s Main Street” in Clarion.

See you next time.