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In the hit song, Sweet Cherry Wine, Tommy James shares his belief that wine is a wonderful gift. Tommy and the Shondells sing:

“He gave us sweet cherry wine So very fine We’ll drink it right down Pass it all around So stimulating, so intoxicating Sweet cherry wine (All day and night) And everybody’s gonna feel so fine Drinking sweet cherry wine Yes, they will”

I have never had the pleasure of drinking Cherry Wine (that I remember) but I do enjoy wine and one benefit of being a wine drinker is visiting wineries and tasting wines. My Jane and I have a favorite Winery in Carbon County, Pennsylvania named Galen Glen.

Galen Glen sign

The Winery sits on the side of a Pennsylvania mountain near Andreas, PA offering a fantastic view of the vineyard spread out on the sides of the rolling hills surrounding the building. I am a member of the 5000 Club at Galen Glen. That title does not mean I have drunk 5000 bottles of wine. It does mean I get a discount when I purchase a case of wine. Sarah, the co-owner, has been named “Woman Winemaker of the Year” and her wines have received many awards. Another team member, Kathy, always greets us by our first name when we come through the door. She has a great memory or we are at the winery often! Last Sunday we stopped in to taste some wine and hang out with our friends. The sun was shining beautifully as we tasted wine and enjoyed the afternoon catching up with each other’s recent adventures.

Galen GlenGalen Glen2

Kathy had been following our Selfie Hot Dog Quest and wondered if I might blog about the Winery. Great idea Kathy! I think that is what I am doing. Wine drinkers are used to the question, “What does this wine go with?” The answer is: “With a glass.” I believe we might also add to that answer, “…and hot dogs.” This is a true statement and to give witness to this truth Love Hot Dog Company provides good eats at the winery several times a year. Wine and hot dogs; it doesn’t get any better than that!

Back to Tommy James: In December in our culture we talk about peace on earth and God with us. This message is not only a Christian message. Muslims and Jews have similar teachings in their holy books and traditions. Maybe we all could lift a glass of wine (or grape juice for the non-drinkers) and toast the ideal of peace on earth and God with us today. After the toast we can look in the mirror and ask the one looking back at us what he/she might do to begin the process of peace. I believe the one God with many names who created all of us would smile if we stopped blaming each other, wanting what the other has and become advocates for peace in our daily living. Let’s make it our task beginning right now to drink in a glass of peace and pass it all around. I’m going to do my part right now by eating a hot dog and drinking a glass of wine. Now, where is that mirror?

See you next time.