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You already know that “It’s A Wonderful Life” is one of my favorite Christmas movies. Another favorite Christmas movie I relish every December is “A Christmas Story”. You know the one, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”  Christmas Story7

Christmas Story4 And, “The Major Prize”!

This December while watching the movie I laughed as hard as usual at the tongue on the flag pole scene; “I double dog dare you. I triple dog dare you.” Oh my, oh my.  Christmas Story1

That is a funny scene. While I was still enjoying my own laughter the seed thought of accepting that challenge began to germinate in my warped mind. I decided to accept the challenge, “I double (hot) dog dare you” to eat two hot dogs in two county seats in one day. To meet this dare required some planning on my part. (Once again, we are on a quest!) Where would I go? My first idea was to travel to the northeastern most counties. I could travel to Honesdale in Wayne County and Milford in Pike County. Now the realization that I would have to go without my Jane who works six days a week in her quilt shop The Quilted Crow gave me pause. I had to get the okay to make this trip by myself. “There is a quilt shop in Honesdale.” was the immediate response from my Jane. Indeed, A Stitch In Time is located in Honesdale. I could not visit a community with a quilt shop my Jane hadn’t visited without her. Thinking quickly, I suggested Allentown in Lehigh County and Easton in Northhampton County instead of my first option. For those of you wondering if there are quilt shops in these communities the answer is ‘yes’. However, My Jane has been to those shops so she reluctantly agreed with a nod of approval in a disapproving kind of way. Being testosterone I, of course, ignored the estrogen and began planning my trip in response to the ‘double (hot) dog dare’ that I had laid on myself. Look out Allentown and Easton, here I come.

See you next time.

Quilted Crow2