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The last time we were together you heard me state, “We left 80 at the route 15 exit and headed north. On the way we discussed the need to have done more research so we could be more knowledgeable about the County Seats and places to eat a hot dog.” So, more research has been done. First, we needed addresses to input into our GPS systems when looking for a County Court House. I began to Google the Court Houses by name and adding the address to my list of County Seats. About six counties into the search I discovered a site with the address for all sixty-seven court houses inside. Halleluiah! This portion of the quest just became much simpler.  My search was certainly much easier with this site. Only about half a dozen of the addresses were just a P.O. Box. Really? But, hey, the task was made much easier and I am grateful for the help. I included a photo of the Court House in Gettysburg and Smethport, just for fun. At least I think these are photos for the Court House in Gettysburg and Smethport? Next up is finding places to eat hot dogs in the County Seats. This is going to be a most interesting adventure.

See you next time.